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Women Are Capable Of The So-Called ‘Super Orgasm’ According to Science

Women experiencing multiple orgasms is not a myth.

It’s been said that women are not capable of having an orgasm or if they say they do, they’re most probably faking it. However, according to recent scientific studies, women can have a so-called “super orgasm,” which lets them experience sexual climax up to 100 times during intense moments of pleasure.

The experiment was featured in the documentary titled, “The Super Orgasm,” which aimed to address the “myth” that women are capable of having multiple orgasms. To bust the myth, scientists took in five female volunteers for the study.

A super orgasm is an ability to achieve multiple orgasms — about 100 times — in a row.

One of the findings stated that that multi-orgasmic women tend to release more oxytocin.

Oxytocin, or the love hormone, facilitates the bond between the woman and her sexual partner.

In the first part of the study, investigators monitored the effects of watching porn on the volunteers’ bodies. Those who are capable of experiencing super orgasms are usually those who have excellent blood circulation on their genitals.

In the second part, volunteers were asked to masturbate as their bodies are being scanned through an MRI. Investigators monitored what part of the brain gets activated when a woman is aroused or has an orgasm. The brain scans revealed that “super orgasmic women have high alpha waves throughout the arousal period.” In other words, women feel relaxed the entire time. In contrast, women who only have single orgasms are found to have low alpha waves levels. With these findings, researchers came to a conclusion on how a woman can experience the super orgasm.

It's about "turning off the brain, becoming less engaged, and letting go."

Gents, what this means is that your woman should be free from stressful thoughts when doing the deed. Take into consideration her physical needs and surely, she’ll appreciate you for the satisfying sexual experience.


9 Interesting Facts About Al Capone

The Scarface was indeed a strange and interesting guy.

Almost everyone in this world knows Al Capone as someone who was badass. Widely known as “Scarface,” the notorious US gangster was among America’s most feared gang leaders. And, of course, there was every reason to be. Although the infamous (and bloody) St. Valentine’s Day Massacre brought him his downfall, this guy lived to be a legend.

The massacre, in particular, saw at least seven rival gang members brutally gunned down. Unfortunately for Capone, this severely damaged his public reputation. This mess particularly hurt his image in Chicago where he had built up his criminal empire.

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It does not happen very often, but it is possible for your car’s gas pedal to get stuck. Obviously, the situation can be frightening and traumatizing (not to mention it is extremely dangerous). But if you stay calm and act accordingly, it can be overcome.

Usually, a broken or faulty gas pedal is due to mechanical malfunctions. It can also be caused by a floor mat that has wedges preventing the pedal from working accordingly. Not to worry, though – there is a strategy to counter this scary situation.

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If You Can Solve This Riddle, You Can Get Hired at Google!

So do you have what it takes?

Pet-friendly workplace. Free gourmet food everyday. Massage services. These are only some of the awesome perks that Google employees get from their company so it's no surprise that web-based workers would kill to work there. Of course, you have to be really smart, among other things, to get your foot in the door.

Rumor has it that Google uses a particular riddle when interviewing candidates. If you can solve this brain teaser, you may just have a chance to be a Noogler - that's what Google affectionately calls their new hires.

You don't need to have the brain of a nuclear physicist to solve this, but you do have to be creative. This tests one's problem-solving skills. So here it is.

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