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This Subway Ad Looks Like A Regular Sign, But Wait Until The Train Goes By.

She's just in the subway, but seeing this stops her dead in her tracks!

Imagine a regular rush hour at a subway station, where people are preoccupied with their travel schedule, destination, or boarding time. And there’s this seemingly normal ad that changes when a subway train comes in. Suddenly, you’re fixated with the message that it stops you dead in your tracks. This ad will definitely grab your attention and touch your heart.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation recently put up an innovative ad to convey a powerful message in a fast-paced environment. The campaign was inspired by the Swedish shampoo commercial (Apotek) advertised in subway stations. Like the shampoo commercial, the campaign of this foundation blew the world away.

Watch the video below and be moved by the powerful message.

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Would this kind of advertisement grab your attention too? Tell us what you feel or think about The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation ad.
H/T: SFGlobe
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