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Cool Pizza Necklace Allows You To Bring A Slice Wherever You Go





Whether you love it as a thin crust or thick crust, there’s no denying that pizza is absolutely everyone’s favorite.

Originally invented by the Italians, this heavenly food is made of flour and different toppings. Throughout the years, different flavors have been introduced to the pizza-consuming public. Classics such as Pepperoni and Cheese, Mexican Red Wave, Golden Chicken Delight, the Pizza Margherita, are among some of the most popular pizza flavors. There’s definitely something for everyone whether you are a meat-lover or a vegetarian.

Pizza is so good the only tragedy is that you can’t always have it accessible when you are on the go. But oh well, now it seems you actually can.

The innovative Pizza Pouch allows you to enjoy your pizza anytime, anywhere.

portable-pizza-necklace 3

Photo credit: Stupidiotic

The genius guys over at Stupidiotic created a special necklace that will allow you to bring your favorite food – or at least a slice of it – wherever you are.

The company describes it as a “bold and delicious” fashion statement.

portable-pizza-necklace 1

Photo credit: Stupidiotic

According to the product description:

“No one should ever be without pizza. Sadly, (often tragically) pizza is not always available for immediate hand-to-mouth consumption. Prepare yourself. Keep and carry a backup slice with this specially designed Pizza Pouch. A durable zip-lock sealing neck-strap pie slice device. Always fresh and ready.”

The portable pizza necklace is available for £5.30 ($8) over at the Stupidiotic website.

portable-pizza-necklace 2

Photo credit: Stupidiotic

The company adds that the necklace is “a bold (and delicious) fashion statement” that will “instantly make you more popular and attractive.”

Go visit Stupidiotic’s official website if you’re seriously interested.

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