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67-Year-Old Businessman Ties Knot With 30-Year-Old Woman Despite Vowing To Never Marry Again

“She’s not a gold digger,” he clarifies.


He’s known to many as the former “king of topless barmaid industry” in Perth, Australia and he finally got married again after a messy 11-year divorce that forced him to spend $1.2 million in legal fees. Now he says he has found true happiness at last by marrying a woman 37 years younger than him in a ceremony held in Margaret River’s Secret Garden.

Steve Zielinski, 67 years old and father of two, has officially tied the knot with 30-year-old personal Trainer Emily Charman. Following his divorce, he vowed to never marry again but that all changed after he met his future bride.

According to Steve, they met 8 years ago and, at the time, he was 59 and she was only 22.

Steve reflected:

“I was almost 60. I thought she wouldn’t be interested in me but we became friends and then we built up a relationship.

“She’s not a gold digger. I got cleaned out with my last divorce, thanks to the lawyers, so she can’t go for me for money.”

Despite his earlier vow, he took the leap of faith because he realized Emily has “good family beliefs.”

The former boss of Raunchy Promotions and owner of Slic Chix restaurant shared:

“A lot of my mates are single and they’re looking for girlfriends and they’ve got Lamborghinis and Ferraris and they’re picking the wrong girls, because the girls are looking at the cars and saying, ‘Oh this guy’s loaded’.

“My girl is someone who will buy something on eBay, wear it for two years and then flog it for more money than she paid for it.”

Admittedly, his friends has always been worried about the age gap.

“People say to me, what happens when you’re 77 and she’s only 40? I say, ‘Well I’ll still be bouncing around like I am now’.”

Meanwhile, Emily, who works as a personal trainer and runs Herbivore Chef blog, confessed that her mother is younger than Steve and she just jokes about it.

“She still calls him the son-in-law, just for a joke.”

She says the age gap isn’t an issue because what matters most is that they love each other.


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