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Snowboarder Builds an Unbelievable Tiny House on Top of a Mountain.





‘He’s always chasing the pot of gold, but when he gets there, at the end of the day, it’s just corn flakes.’

This line from the movie ‘Click’ says so much about people who don’t want to settle for less, those who want more–wealth, fame, a fancy car and a big house. It’s a different thing for pro-snowboarder Mike Basich. After living in abundance, he finds solace in simple things like his dream home which is a tiny mountain cabin.

Inspired by these tiny houses all over the world, many people started living off the grid just like Mike. His life and craft has been outdoors being a professional snowboarder so he thought of building his very own sanctuary in the mountains. Named Area-241, his personal cabin is situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains and roughly 10 minutes outside Truckee, California. The pentagon- shaped and 228-square-feet tiny house gets its electricity through solar panels and water from snowmelt.

Mike is fond of making or building things with his own hands, a ‘self-doer’ as he describes himself and this house is his DIY project. It is built of 80% granite, pine and Douglas fir. A makeshift oven, tiny kitchen and a sleeping loft are some of the few things inside the cabin. He doesn’t have the usual shower but a unique one outside with a wood-fired hot tub. That’s not it though, he also put a chairlift with a 600-foot vertical rise.

When asked what he learned in the process of building Area-241, he said, ‘How much I love the snow, and how simple life can be with so much joy.’

Watch the video and find out more of Mike’s tiny yet cozy cabin: 

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Credits: SFG, Seeker Stories

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