Snakes Wearing Hats are The Cutest Animals You’ll See on The Internet Today

Who would have thought that a little hat could make snakes look so adorable?

People usually think of puppies or kittens when someone mentions “cute animals”. But scaly creatures can be just as adorable as the furry kind. An online community is proving that snakes can be the cutest animals on the internet. All you have to do is put a little hat on them.

Snakes are usually believed to be dangerous creatures since most of them have venom. However, the online community Snakes With Hats is working to change that perception. The community, which started out on Reddit, has amassed an astounding number of adorable photos of danger noodles wearing little hats. Here are some of the best photos from the community.

#1. Happy Birthday, Little Snake!

This little snek wants to show off its pretty birthday hat and maybe share its birthday cupcake with you!

#2. Baby Yoda?

We all love The Mandalorian and the adorable Baby Yoda. However, we also love this pretty little pretender who might also have an appetite for Frog Lady’s eggs!

#3. I’m a Cowboy

Who would have thought that a cowboy hat could instantly give you the right attitude?

#4. Pretty Snek

This gorgeous white snake looks like a fairy. A pretty fairy snek? Why not?

#5. “I’m A Giraffe!”

If this danger noodle says it’s a giraffe, then it’s a giraffe.

#6. Look, a Unicorn!

Who said unicorns don’t exist? We have one right here!

#7. Straight Out of A Disney Film

We’re referring to The Princess and The Frog, of course, which featured the devious Dr. Facilier. However, we trust this version of the Shadow Man, or should we say, Shadow Snek?

The Snakes With Hats Facebook group was started back in 2011-2012 by Liesbeth Dulcimer. At first, it only featured Dulcimer’s snake Lola. However, the community soon grew and a corresponding subreddit r/SnakesWithHats was started as well. Now, you can see more adorable danger noodles and their cute hats on Facebook and Reddit.

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