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15 Smart-Ass Trolls Who Are Technically Not Wrong

A round of applause for all the trolls who, while making it a tad inconvenient, still manage to get a chuckle out of everyone else.

The best kind of trolling is the one done by sarcastic smart-asses. While they may not do what you tell them to do, you still have to admit that they are technically correct, and it just might be the worst kind of correct.

But you have to hand it to these guys – they may be annoying, but they’re sure to elicit a couple of chuckles from people with a similar sense of humor.

1. Would this pick-up line be more effective when delivered in a smart-ass way?

Source: HerrWombat
2. There's always that person who unknowingly invites smart asses.

Source: Imgur
3. Unconventional, but you have to admit that it's undeniably equal.

Source: leftnotracks
4. We all have that one friend who just LOVES these generic motivational quotes on their wall. Here's the perfect response.

5. How large is a large job? First world anarchy at its finest.

Source: briansolis
6. Oh, Siri. You know technology has come a long way when even your device knows how to be sarcastic.

Source: TheFiims
7. Thank you for helping us keep track of how many flushes you've done!

8. It wasn't you, it was the can. It just wasn't that into you.

Source: jcravenw
9. Ah yes, the ole "you look like an idiot now that you've done it" sign.

10. When you give them two "options" and they still manage to wrangle a third one out of you.

11. Technically not done by a smart ass, but you can glean the clever intention.

12. Drawing a rose is so easy!

13. When the poster's mom told them to "clean the bathroom like the Queen of England is visiting," they definitely delivered!

Source: glnito
14. No sh*t, Sherlock. What's impressive is the effort it took to get that sign in there and keep it afloat for as long as it did!

15. Ah, all the effort it took to ensure an effective troll.

What’s your favorite smart-ass story? Let us know in the comments below!

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