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4 Common Weaknesses of Sliding Glass Doors and How to Fix Them

Homeowners should realize that sliding glass doors need to be reinforced so that intruders can’t easily open or wreck them.


Every homeowner is concerned about security. Indeed, the very thought of a home invasion is downright scary. Even if you live in a great neighborhood, it’s still advisable to take precautions. You must have preventive security measures in the various parts of your home. These include having the proper locks in all points of entry in your home such as windows and doors. In this regard, sliding glass doors need reinforcements.

Over the years, security experts have noted that many home intruders go for houses with sliding glass doors. They listed the four main weaknesses of the doors. Along with the criticism, they also offered suggestions on how they could be fixed. They are the following:

1. They're often out of sight.

The weakness: They are usually installed in the more seclude parts of the house such as the back or the sides. We understand that these areas were picked to ensure privacy. However, because they’re hidden from public view, thieves often take advantage of them.

Source: Amazon

The solution: You can install a door alarm such as the GE Door Alarm or the SABRE Wireless Glass Break and Vibration Detector. These alarms are not substitute for locks, but they alert you right away in case anyone has tried to break in so you can call the police immediately. In many instances, the noise that these alarms make is enough to drive away the intruders.

2. They show everything.

The weakness: Sliding glass doors make it easy for potential home intruders can easily see what’s inside your home. Glass lets the sunlight in, but it also exposes your home to anyone passing by.

Source: Amazon

The solution: If you want more privacy, you can install things like the Lewis Hyman Panel Track Shades or the Bloss Glass Window Film. You still get a lot of natural light without giving too much away.

3. Their latches are too simple.

The weakness: Most (if not, all) sliding glass doors have simple latch mechanisms that are easily destroyed by intruders. These simple latches are weak.

Source: Amazon

The solution: You need to add an extra lock. Your options include the Prime-Line Sliding Door Loop Lock and the Supply Guru Keyed Patio Door Lock.

4. They are relatively easy to destroy.

Intruders can easily break the glass or push the sliding glass door of its tracks.

Source: Amazon

The solution: You need some kind of implement like the Lock-it Block-it Home Security Window Bar or the Cindoco Wooden Dowel. You need something to prevent intruders from moving the door or dislodging it from its tracks.


Guy Demonstrates How To Open Sliding Chain Lock Using Tape and Rubber Band

I got to change my lock!

First off, I got to admit that I’m a huge fan of sliding chain locks. I have them at home and I think they’re pretty awesome. In comparison with the usual padlocks, I think these chain locks are much safer to use.

After seeing this video, however, I’m starting to think twice about how secure these locks are in the first place. In the short demonstration below, you will see that all it takes to unlock these things are a piece of tape and one rubber band.

I first saw this clip on Facebook, as shared by the Being Woman page, and I thought it’s actually a bit alarming.

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