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5 Ways A Single Mother Is A Real-Life Superhero

They can't fly, stick to walls, or shoot lasers from their eyes - but they are indeed our superheroes!

What do single mothers and superheroes have in common? Well, aside from the fact that they both occasionally wear spandex – both of them are also super!

Sure, single moms may not have superpowers like our favorite crime-fighting, world-saving characters but in every sense of word, they are truly ‘superhuman’. Despite their limited time and resources, they can do a lot of wonderful things that truly make a big difference in the lives on their children.

So in the spirit of fun and as a way of paying tribute to these amazing women, here are 5 superpowers we think every single mother possesses!

#1. Like X-Men’s Wolverine, she has healing factor.

Source: Marvel

Aside from his adamantium claws, Wolverine is also popular because of his other power – the ability to heal rapidly from any wound.

From the looks of it, single mothers have that ability as well. We all know recovering from a tragic break up is hard but somehow, they manage to do it. This is important if they want to be effective as a parent to their children.

Lynne Saunders, author of A Single Mom’s Guide to Raising Young Children: Avoid Mistakes and Raise Happy, Healthy Kids, has said:

“Sadly, single moms often find themselves overwhelmed with anger or depression after a breakup (or after being widowed) so much that they start developing feelings of guilt, which distracts them from attending to the real responsibilities of single motherhood.

“Overcoming the anger, the depression, or the feelings of guilt is therefore the important first thing that single moms have to attend to before they are able to move on to the more crucial task of child rearing. They can’t be effective at parenting if they continue to sulk in their misfortunes. They have to rid themselves of the negative vibes and create a more positive environment to raise their children properly.”

#2. Like Violet, she can generate force fields.

Source: Pixar

The unfortunate fact about single parenthood is that somehow, there is still some sort of stigma about it. People, even those with seemingly good intentions, can sometimes make negative comments.

In a SmartParenting article, single mother and blogger Earth Rullan admits she often experiences “getting discriminated against or judged unjustly” for being the sole parent. She, however, doesn’t let it get into her at all. She just does her best to ignore all the bad comments.

Earth said:

“If they can’t help me in any way to improve my life and my child’s life, then I don’t see the need to deal with their issues.”

#3. Like The Flash, she has super speed.

Source: DC Comics

Apparently, the “Fastest Man Alive” has a female counterpart – our beloved single moms!

Because such a mother has to take on multiple roles, she has to be extremely skillful in multi-tasking, making sure things get done quickly and with great accuracy. She may be helping a kid with homework and cooking a meal at the same time – on top of waiting for the washing machine to finish spinning the clothes.

Entrepreneur and single mom of one Erika Rodica shares:

“I’m an expert multitasker. Somehow, I’ve managed to learn to do a lot of things at the same time. Like, for example, if I have to work during the weekends, I just prop myself with my laptop in the living room while my daughter sits beside me as she watches her favorite show. Don’t be fooled, for it’s not as easy as it sounds; wait until she bombards you with hundreds of questions!”

#4. Like Green Lantern, she can make amazing things out of sheer will.

Source: DC Comics

With his powerful ring, Green Lantern can make anything – from weapons to vehicles and everything else he can imagine.

For single mothers, it is understandable that the primary concern is usually money. Making ends meet can be a struggle since she has no one to depend on, except herself. Despite those difficulties, a single mom does generate those much-needed cash.

Erika admits:

“You have to raise your kid by yourself, so you have to be able to work twice as much because you want to provide her with only the best. It can be challenging and draining, but really, what other choice do you have?”

This is the main reason why single moms have to work hard, often taking several jobs at the same time. They want to be good nurturers and providers at the same time.

#5. Like Naruto, she has the ability to clone herself.

Source: Studio Peirrot

This fan-favorite anime character has the power to duplicate himself and, yes, single moms are pretty much like him, too. For the most part, they have to do everything in the household – that is on top of managing bills and taking care of the children. It’s never an easy thing but amazingly, they still get the job done!

However, those in that difficult situation are always encouraged to seek help.

Janis Adams, author of A Complete Guide for Single Moms: Everything You Need to Know About Raising Healthy, Happy Children on Your Own, explains:

“Help is out there, but first you must be willing to ask for help. You must be willing to take the time to reach out to available options and offerings… The reality is that you are not going to be parenting alone. There is the support of family and friends. Children need to be woven into many lives, and just because you are parenting solo does not mean you are all the child needs in his life.”

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