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14 Signs You May Be Bad in Bed And Not Know It

Just something to think about.


For most people, having sex or making love is a major component in their relationships. It’s not just about satisfying themselves but also about making their partners happy. It won’t always be the best experience during your first time together, but sex gets better as two people become closer to each other.

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If you’re wondering about your performance in the sack, this list might help. See if any of these signs apply to you, and you might just improve your game and wow your partner.

1. You’re not open to performing oral sex.

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If you’re not game to go down on your partner when they are obviously into oral sex, they might end up dissatisfied. Consider giving it a shot, and if it still doesn’t appeal to you, think of other ways to be more giving to your partner.

2. You’re immature.

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Acting goofy or throwing a tantrum during a steamy moment with your lover will just totally ruin the mood. Stay in the moment and take cues from your partner, so you both enjoy the intimacy.

3. You don’t give as much as you receive.

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This is a deal breaker for a lot of people. Nobody wants a selfish lover. Make sure that you return the favor by also pleasuring your partner.

4. You skip foreplay.

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Foreplay is especially important for the ladies. Not only does it get you both in the mood, it also spices up your sex life. Trust us when we say do not skip foreplay ever again.

5. You don’t take charge.

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Now and then, it’s good to take charge. Take the lead and show your partner what you want because it can push them to perform better.

6. Your only goal is to climax.

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This is another selfish act when in bed with someone. Your partner’s satisfaction is just as important as yours, so make sure you both reach that peak moment during your love making.

7. You don’t communicate.

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The best way to have a healthy and exciting sex life is to communicate with your partner. Tell them the things you enjoy and the things you don’t. No one has time to play guessing games.

8. You’re not taking your time.

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Some things take time. Don’t rush your partner to reach orgasm. When you’re pleasuring them, be focused and in the moment. You’ll see that making them feel better also does you good.

9. You don’t pay attention to your partner.

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Some things are communicated through nonverbal cues, so pay attention to your partner. See how they respond to your touch and techniques. If you see that they enjoy certain things, keep those things in mind.

10. You don’t participate.

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Don’t just lay there. Do something. Even if you’re the one being pleasured, it helps to encourage your partner by touching or moaning or dishing some dirty talk.

11. You’re not prepared.

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Nothing ruins the mood more than not being prepared. For example, always be ready with a condom (this goes for both ladies and gents). Not only does carrying a condom keep you safe, it also prevents mood killers during a steamy encounter.

12. You pass out right after.

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Done? Don’t sleep just yet. Take some time to cuddle and talk a little with your partner. They’ll appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

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13. You’re insecure.

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If you’re too insecure with your body, you and your partner won’t enjoy sex at all. Work on your self-confidence and see how it can transform your sex life. Nothing is sexier than a confident lover.

14. Your partner fakes orgasm.

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This is one of the ultimate signs you’re not doing a good job. While the big O may be elusive for some ladies, it is possible to achieve with the right partner. Put in the effort, don’t be selfish, and don’t give up easily.

What do you think of these signs? Are you guilty of any of these?


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