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Short People Are Angrier Than Tall People, Study Finds

It looks like the term “short-tempered” actually means something even more literal right now!

Anger is a normal emotion that humans experience from time to time but there are some who are just more aggressive than others. A lot of them use it as a coping mechanism, while others use it to control others. But what if we told you that there is actually a reason why some people tend to feel angrier than others?

A new study has found that people that are shorter tend to be angrier and more vio!ent than people who are taller.

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study looked at 600 men between the ages of 18 and 50 and concluded men who “feel less masculine” are three times as likely to commit vio lent acts. Because being shorter makes them feel inferior they are more likely to lash out or distrust others. Researchers noted that being short literally affects a person’s quality of life.

It looks like the term “short-tempered” actually means something even more literal right now! They used to say don’t make a hungry person angry, but it seems like you’ve got to think twice when it comes to short people too.

In the past, researchers at Oxford University found that “Short Man Syndrome” was an actual phenomenon that people often call the “Napoleon Complex.” Shorter people have stronger feelings of vulnerability and higher levels of paranoia, according to experts.

Living in a society where everyone is so focused on the superficial body standards for both genders, it seems like this is taking a toll on many people. Due to stereotypes, the height of an individual has now turned into another body shaming issue which can actually be a trigger for some people.

Of course, this is just a study. It doesn’t mean that all men of small stature are always really aggressive. Besides, only 600 men cannot provide conclusive proof of the whole lot.


27 Designers Who Deserve Awards For Doing An Amazing Job

I need #26 ASAP!

Gone were the days when all items and establishments are plain, standard, and ordinary. Now, designers are taking a much creative route when it comes to doing their job.

You see, in order to attract more attention, you must have something different and unique than the usual. With that said, check out these 27 designers who deserve a huge award for their amazing job.

1. This paper plane-shaped bench on the observation deck of an airstrip.


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Man Shares 30 Of The Coolest Things He Found On Google Earth

#18 is very interesting.

Google Earth is used when you want to explore rich geographical content, see maps, landscapes, 3D buildings or even view satellite images from galaxies in outer space. It also lets you search the whole planet within seconds from the comfort of your own room.

A geologist from New Orleans named Will considers exploring Google Earth as one of his hobbies because he spends a lot of time searching various areas and taking screenshots of the coolest things that he finds. Here are 30 of his interesting findings.



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21 Brilliant Designs That Deserve A Standing Ovation

#5 is a genius idea!

There is no doubt that design is an important part of even the most basic products. In fact, people would generally prefer to buy and use something that is fun and cute over those that are boring and ordinary.

With that said, designers have been generating some cool stuff that we just can’t stop admiring the results. So, if you have ever wished that life would be a tad bit more convenient, you’re in luck. Here are 21 brilliant designs that deserve a standing ovation.

1. A “floating” crosswalk.


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