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Shocking Video Of A Woman Beaten To Pulp Shows How Ugly Humanity Has Become

Instead of intervening, people grabbed their cameras to film the entire fiasco.

A woman just beat the hell out of another woman in what appeared to be a road rage. The entire brawl was caught on camera, but the woman had no idea at all.

The footage was courtesy of a truck driver who, after seeing the fight, pulled over and grabbed his dash cam. He then began filming the whole fiasco without offering any help.

A woman was caught on camera beating another woman while calling her names

Source: AWM

A report from AWM claims that the female driver suddenly stopped the car on the side of road. Seemingly upset for some unknown reason, she began beating the other woman. She kicked and punched the victim, while calling her a “b**c*” and “h*e.”

The truck driver, on the other hand, still continued watching and filming. The victim can be seen lying on the pavement, protecting her head from incoming blows.

Ironically, the pedestrians didn’t do anything to stop the fight and some even offered cheers instead. While some laughed, others opted to put the fight on camera. Perhaps they hoped to get the content viral on social media sites.

The victim fell helplessly on the side of the road and tried to cover her head from the violent blows.

Source: Daily Mail

The responses the video acquired from other people were underwhelming. Some were disgusted by how the onlookers responded, that instead of offering help, they went to film the two women.

A commenter said after viewing the video:

Society just keeps flushing itself down a clogged toilet. DISGUSTING.”

Meanwhile, others suggested that in today’s modern world, intervening two people fighting is a crime. That it is better to film and post stuff on the internet, as this has become the norm nowadays.

While some criticized, others defended the woman who beat the other woman. They believe that she “wouldn’t have done this without a good reason.” They continued to imply that the female must have been provoked; otherwise, she would not have been that angry.

Later on, the woman can be seen standing up, as if nothing happened.

Source: Daily Mail

One viewer offered her two cents:

People don’t just beat people up for no reason.”

This kind of incident is nothing new, as it has become a common occurrence. People would rather take their phones out to film a certain situation instead of calling the authorities right away. This only shows that something is totally wrecked in today’s society.

Check out the video below:

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