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20 Shocking Nanny Cam Confessions that Will Make You Think Twice About Babysitting

Cameras are possibly one of the best home security features. If people know they’re being watched, they’re less likely to do anything sketchy. And if they don’t know they’re being watched, you can always replay the tape and find out their true nature.

Since people always want the best for their kids, it’s no surprise they install nanny cams to find out if their nanny is doing a good job. Sometimes you get nannies who have weird habits like eating fruit with mayonnaise. Other times you might see your nanny dancing around to some loud music. And then you have these nannies who shouldn’t have taken the job at all…

1. Ah, the best use of the nanny cam – to find out about your cheating significant other.


2. The kind of stuff that might make it to revenge porn sites.


3. Good thing this nanny got caught, and with evidence too.


4. This is why you never hit on your employer.


5. Why the nanny thinks this is okay is beyond me.


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