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Shocking Footage Shows Woman Violently Assaulting Her ‘Cheating’ Boyfriend

The worst part? Her friends just kept laughing and filming the entire thing.

No one likes cheaters but there are instances when condemning – and physically assaulting – an alleged cheater is just not right. Such as in this recent viral video where we see a woman physically attacking her boyfriend who, according to her, she caught cheating.

The said footage shows the woman walking towards the guy who was allegedly texting another woman. She was with her friends.

The woman then attacked him mercilessly, punching him several times.

Source: youtube

Her friends, on the other hand, laughed in the background and just filmed the entire attack on their phones.

Later, the woman pulls the poor man out of the bathroom and continues assaulting him while he is on the floor.

Source: youtube

She then drags him to different rooms kicking, punching, and slapping him.

She yells out to the alleged cheater “You gonna remember dis muthaf***in’ ass-whoopin!”

Source: youtube
You can watch the disturbing video here:

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At the moment, the woman’s identity remains unidentified. The date and location of the incident are also unknown.

The video immediately went viral on YouTube. It mostly earned mixed reactions from its viewers. Some are saying that the woman’s behavior is unacceptable and that she should be imprisoned for the attack. Others are also condemning her friends for not doing anything about the situation and condoning the assault. Meanwhile, there are some who believe that the cheater probably ‘deserved’ what he got.

Well what’s your take about this, folks? Do you think the girl should be punished or not? Leave your comments below!

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