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This Awesome Video Shows Us How A Ship Is Launched For The First Time

Kudos to the uploader for allowing us all to see how ship launches are done. It’s actually quite fascinating!

Ships, first and foremost, are built on land before they are actually launched on water.

Usually, a launch is witnessed by several people since they are really impressive to watch. It’s not an everyday occurrence and so in most cases, it is something that calls for a celebration.

Case in point, the video below.

Uploaded on YouTube Dennis McMayer last November 1, 2015, this short footage shows us the M.V. Greenland being launched for the first time. It is a pretty intense to watch how the huge ship is pulled into the canal by a much smaller tugboat.

The video below shows us how the M.V. Greenland is launched for the first time.

ship-launch 1

Photo credit: Dennis McMayer

Naturally, the ship creates a massive splash once it hit the water, extending to the nearby farm as well as to curious onlookers from the left and right side.

A huge splash is caused by the launch and it’s really an epic sight to behold.

ship-launch 2

Photo credit: Dennis McMayer

It is really interesting to behold, especially when you consider the fact that the video is in real-time and not slowed down.

The video only runs for 1 minute and 33 seconds. So far, it has received 2,336,076 views on YouTube.

Here’s the awesome video:

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Kudos to the uploader for allowing us all to see how ship launches are done. It’s actually quite fascinating!


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This Orangutan Has The Most Adorable Reaction to Guy’s “Magic Trick”

This orangutan just can’t handle the guy’s magic trick!


Orangutan and other primates share a lot in common with us humans, such as an astonishing 98% of our DNA. But who knew they also love seeing magic tricks?

In this video, a zoo visitor entertained this orangutan with a "magic trick" by making a chestnut disappear inside a styrofoam cup. First, he showed the orangutan the chestnut inside the cup and pulled it up for him to see.

And now folks, one perfectly normal chestnut inside a perfectly normal styrofoam cup.


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6 Things About the Ocean You Probably Believed, But Was All A Lie

We bet you probably believed these myths about the ocean… Well they’re wrong!


We all know from our Geography classes that the Earth is made up of 70% water. Majority of all that water in the earth are composed of the vast oceans that makes our planet blue. But even if oceans literally surround us land-dwellers, we still get a few facts about these deep, mysterious waters wrong.

Here are 6 common misconceptions we have about the ocean and the actual truths behind it to set the records straight.

MYTH 1: Seawater is salty because of table salt (NaCl or Sodium chloride)

TRUTH: There are other salts found in seawater too!
Yes it is not a myth that seawater is salty, taste it to prove it! But, what's a common misconception is that all that salt is your usual table salt. Salt as we know it as a condiment is different from Salt in Chemistry. Salts are a product of neutralized acids and bases that form a compound, as geeks would tell you. And in the salt spectrum, almost everything of those sulfates, chlorides, iodides and stuff qualify. So next time you accidentally drink seawater, think of the other compounds that make it extra salty!...

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Kind Man Buys Turtles in Food Market and Releases Them into the Sea

In doing so, he saves not only the turtles but us humans too.


Almost all types of sea turtles are now in danger of extinction as many countries consent to marine turtle fishing. They are sold in local markets and slain for their meat, skin, eggs, and shells. Apparently, many people have a taste for turtle meat and eggs while others use them for medicine and religious rites.

So, when Aaron Culling and his colleague, Mark found a pair of sea turtles on sale at a local food market in Papua New Guinea, they didn’t hesitate in purchasing the animals for 50 bucks.

But, instead of making themselves some tasty turtle soup or some other exotic dish from its meat, Aaron drove 5 km towards the direction of a beach. There, he released the turtles back to the ocean....

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