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Sex Pest Tortoise Single-Handedly Saves His Entire Species From Mass Extinction

This guy here is definitely a lady’s man.

They say in this life you got to do something that would make you proud. That when you look back on your life, you can open a beer, smile, and say: “I did it.” This is exactly what Diego the Tortoise did, except that this action was somewhat legendary.

Why? That is because his species would not be here if not for him. The centenarian was responsible for a very important job in the past, as he was among the remaining males of his species (there were 3 of them) called the Española tortoise. They can be found on the Galapagos Island where their population seemed low, putting themselves in near extinction.

Meet Diego, the tortoise responsible for saving his entire species.

The national park was created in 1959, the same year Diego and his friends were on the brink of extinction. 1971 came and the remaining creatures of their species were merely 2 males and 12 females. They were eventually taken to Charles Darwin Research Station in hopes that the conservationists could find a way to execute captive breeding.

Apparently, Diego proved to be a lady’s man. He pretty much saved his entire clan, as he was credited for fathering 800 progenies. A follow-up study even suggests that he is the sole father of nearly 40 percent of the offspring, all of which were released into the wild on the Galapagos Island.

The fact that he fathered hundreds of progenies proves that this tortoise is a lady’s man.

Although Diego’s effort was not put into waste, his species are not entirely out of the woods. According to a tortoise conservation specialist in the Island named Washington Tapia, the entire species are not exactly in “perfect health.” The historical records show that there were at least 5,000 tortoises in the island.

Washington, however, claims that this population is still in “pretty good shape.” The most important thing is that it is “growing.”

Although the numbers Diego put are still far from reality, it is still a good sign.

It is sad that out of the 15 species of giant tortoises, all originated in the island, have gone extinct. The last survivor, who died a few years ago, was more than 100-years-old. Not only was this creature deemed the oldest, he was also considered the rarest on the planet.


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