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37 Selfie Fails From People Who Forgot to Check Their Background

Let this be a warning to always check your surroundings before taking a picture.


We all are guilty of being narcissistic in one way or another. Not that it is a bad thing, though. And perhaps one of the greatest examples of narcissism is taking a selfie. You know, the kind of thing where you take a picture of yourself.

While taking a selfie is as easy as counting one to three, it usually fails. Sometimes, we are photobombed by the surrounding that makes the entire picture funny. Apparently, there are people who are just plain awful when it comes to taking selfies.

Below are arguably the worst selfies taken by people so far. And we assure you, this stuff is quite hilarious. Check them out below!

#1. Oh, did bae really catch you?

Source: Ben Tohall
#2. Kids nowadays.

Source: Reddit
#3. Even the dog does not approve it.

Source: Reddit
#4. Hiya, mom!

Source: Clipmass
#5. When your bro joins the picture.

#6. You bad, bad dog.

Source: MisterTe
#7. Just another doggie adventure.

Source: Reddit
#8. This is so contradicting.

#9. I cannot even…

Source: Reddit
#10. Just some typical horsesh*t.

Source: Reddit
#11. When you see it.

Source: Pinterest
#12. What in actual…

Source: Reddit
#13. Remember to always close the door.

#14. Such an unfortunate girl.

#15. This is the naked truth, bro.

#16. Ha. You liar.

Source: Reddit
#17. Did you see it?

#18. Just how dumb can people go nowadays?

Source: Imgur
#19. When you see it, boy.

Source: Reddit
#20. An example of how a dog can ruin a nice selfie.

#21. This is how you start your morning right.

#22. Thanks for making momma sexy, honey.

#23. Why not finish what you are doing first before taking a selfie?

#24. You know you cannot get away with a third wheeler.

Source: Reddit
#25. Everyone’s cool except her.

#26. Susie, you are a disappointment.

#27. Yup!

#28. Of course, that is not a portrait.

#29. I’m sexy and I… WTF, son!

#30. Remember what I said about dogs and selfies?

Source: Reddit
#31. Ooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!

#32. Keep in mind that taking selfies in a washroom is a bad idea.

#33. Good lawd!

Source: Reddit
#34. Just another “Bae caught me sleeping” fail. Sigh.

#35. That must have hurt, bro? Oh, wait… what?

Source: Reddit
#36. Yeah, boy.

Source: Reddit
#37. Someone needs a photography lesson.

Source: Reddit

So, what do you think about these epic selfie fails? I bet you have learned a thing or two. Well, tell us what you think in the comments below!


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