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Has Science Finally Found Proof that God Exists?

Science and religion have been at odds since time immemorial, but will this recent discovery finally reconcile the two sides?

People are often discouraged from discussing religion and the existence of a god when they’re surrounded by scientists. Many scientists deny the existence of a god, particularly in the religious sense. Some scientists tend to lean more towards agnosticism, wherein they’re open to believing in God if evidence presents itself. Others are more adamant atheists that deny the existence of a supreme being.

The concept of God is such a polarizing issue today, since more and more people are veering further away religion and turning to science for answers. This comes as no surprise since scientific advancements are now explaining phenomena that were once attributed to a divine being.

However, what if there truly is a God? And what if the proof of God’s existence is now so profound that scientists can no longer ignore it? What if, after years and years of people arguing over the existence or non-existence of god, the proof is finally here, clear as day?

Apparently, scientists have been working to look back into the beginning of the existence of the universe, and they are starting to become more and more convinced that life may have started from the first line of the Bible from Genesis 1:1:

“In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth…”

Dubbed as the greatest scientific discovery of all time by none other than Stephen Hawking, here is a video showing this amazing new scientific insight that points to the existence of God.

Watch the video here:

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There once was a time when science was working its way towards proving the non-existence of God, but now they are working towards proving the God truly does exist.

So what do you believe? Have yo always believed in God even before scientists slowly moved towards proving His existence? Or were you once skeptical, but after watching this video, you’re now opening your mind to the possibility of God’s existence? Or are you still staunchly adamant that God is still just a “blanket term” for concepts and forces that have yet to explain?

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