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He Always Said He Got the Scar From Shark Attack. During His Wedding, He Revealed the Truth!





True love conquers all odds. Such is the story of James and Van, now a married couple. Their admirable strength and unconditional love for each other will definitely melt your heart.

Here’s the heartwarming story of James and Van:

“Eight months ago, James was attacked by a shark while at a local beach, which left a scar on his head. That was James’ story. In reality, he underwent surgery for a brain tumor, and was looking at six months of chemotherapy. It was at that time that he planned to marry his girlfriend Van merely two weeks after chemo, and they came to VanWeddings to tell their unique wedding story.”

Watch their amazing story:

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This video shows us the beauty behind suffering, the joy behind pain, and how love conquers all adversities. James won his battle over cancer, and his scar will always be a reminder of that beautiful yet painful struggle – one that proves just how strong and powerful love can be.

This wedding video bagged the “Best Wedding Cinematographer Award” from the 2014 Professional British Columbia Wedding Awards. VanWeddings, a wedding videography company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, created the award-winning video. You can check out more of VanWedding’s beautiful videos on Facebook and their website.

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