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15 Times Delivery Guys Made You Wish You’d Picked Your Package Yourself





Delivery guys may be one of the unsung heroes in our society. They silently go about their jobs, getting our shipments delivered to intended destinations and making sure the recipients receive them safe and sound. For the most part, they do their tasks without expecting any reward or recognition.

There are, however, reported instances when some of them get a little creative – or crazy – while doing their thing.

As you will see in the photo collection below, there are a few delivery guys who do not care about you or your packages at all. They’re in a rush to deliver more stuff, I guess. Or perhaps they’re just total a$$holes who hate their jobs and are only in it for the payday.

To be fair though, not all of them are annoying. Some can be plain ridiculous and even hilarious.

Scroll down and see for yourself.

#1. Under the doormat? As you wish!


Source: Imgur
#2. Must’ve been hard to fight the temptation not to place it there. It perfectly fits!


Source: Reddit
#3. Look up!


Source: Reddit
#4. Now I can’t decide whether this is a fail or a win.


Source: Reddit
#5. It looks like the FedEx guy used this package to murder someone along the way.


Source: Reddit
#6. Now this is a total fail. I seriously can’t stop laughing! LOL!


Source: Twitter
#7. Thanks for the timely delivery, FedEx. Okay so how do I reach that?


Source: Reddit
#8. Hid it behind a pot. Thanks FedEx!


Source: Reddit
#9. Door-to-door delivery.


Source: Reddit
#10. UPS guy doesn’t give a damn.


Source: Reddit
#11. This parcel contained a warranty replacement motherboard from Dell. FedEx guy left his mark.


Source: Reddit
#12. That’s a brand new Converse, by the way. Imagine the tragedy if the dog found it or something.


Source: Metro
#13. Guess you’re going to have to request a replacement. Or file a complaint!


Source: Reddit
#14. Oh crap – like literally!


Source: Reddit
#15. Last but not the least, this is how a savage FedEx guy “delivered” a new monitor.


Source: YouTube

Could’ve easily rang the doorbell but no. Laziness got a grip on him. LOL!

Share your bad “delivery” experiences with us in the comment section.

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