‘Game-Changing’ Anti-Covid Nasal Spray Is Reportedly 99.9% Effective

“It will be pretty inexpensive because our goal is that everyone can use it.”

  • A company in Vancouver, Canada is currently developing a nasal spray that protects people against Covid-19.
  • The product, which is being described as “a hand sanitizer for the nose,” is reportedly 99.9% effective in inactivating SARs-CoV-2 within 2 minutes.
  • Once available in the market, the product will be sold at an affordable price, assured the company.

According to reports, a nasal spray that protects people from Covid-19 is currently under development in Canada. Inventors are even claiming that the ‘game-changing’ treatment can be 99.9% effective against the dreaded virus.

A Vancouver-based company is working on the product called the SaNOtize Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS). Lab tests and clinical trials have both showed promising results.

SaNOtize Research and Development co-founder Dr. Gilly Regev shared:

“If you use it daily, I really believe you won’t be affected by Covid-19. We have shown in the clinical trials that the people who used it did not get infected.”

Based on independent lab tests done at the Antiviral Research Institute of the Utah State University, the spray is capable of inactivating around 99.9% of SARs-CoV-2 within two minutes.

“We call it ‘the hand sanitizer for the nose’ because the idea is everyone will carry it in their pocket like they carry a hand sanitizer today and so prevent people getting infected so we can get out of this!” Regev added.

This month, clinical trials of the nasal spray have been conducted at Ashford and St Peter’s Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in Surrey, UK. University of London Institute of Cardiovascular Research at Royal Holloway director and neurology professor Pankaj Sharma remarked:

“The fact that a relatively easy and simple nasal spray could be an effective treatment is welcome news and offers a significant advance in our therapeutic armory against this devastating disease.”

Currently, the company is hoping to make the spray widely available in the market.

“It will be pretty inexpensive”, assured Regev, “because our goal is that everyone can use it and so eventually, we can get it to some of the third world countries and be able to help with the spread of the disease there.”

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