Artist Combines Two Characters And Creates Interesting Mashups

Shrek-Hulk, anyone? Or Pinocchio-Groot, maybe?!

  • Indonesian artist @sandevil_sandh has been uploading digital artworks featuring mashups of different pop culture characters.
  • The artworks feature characters from movies, cartoons, anime, video games, and others.
  • According to the artist, each piece takes more than 8 hours to finish.

An Indonesian artist has been gaining some attention online after coming up with the funny (and brilliant!) idea of combining different characters from pop culture – such as those from classic Disney animated films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, Dragon Ball Z, and video games, among others.

Known on Instagram as @sandevil_sandh, this artist has recently been featured in various websites and netizens couldn’t help but be amused with his creations.

The artist shared:

“These digital artworks are created by combining characters who have one or more similarities such as body color, materials, attitudes, abilities, obsessions, professions, and other things.”

Go scroll down below to check out what we mean:

#1. Hulk And Shrek
#2. Groot And Pinocchio
#3. Black Widow And Merida
#4 .Toothless And Stitch
#5. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger And Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch
#6. Doctor Strange And Harry Potter
#7. Minions And Among Us
#8. Baymax And Iron Man
#9. Nebula And Sadness
#10. Loki And Vegeta
#11. Star Lord And Sheriff Woody
#12. Thanos And Gollum
#13. Jack Frost And Sub Zero
#14. Iron Man And Buzz Lightyear
#15. Patrick And Drax
#16. Voldemort And Aang

Of course, creating the mash-ups often take a lot of work.

“Making this artwork is quite a fun challenge in itself,” @sandevil_sandh admitted. “I really enjoy it every time I think about what they have in common and the process of editing it. I spent over 8 hours on each of these pieces. So I quite hope that the results are not disappointing and might bring a smile to your face.”

If you want to see more of sandevil_sandh’s mashups, you can go to the artist’s official Instagram page for updates.  

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