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She Was Surrounded by Six Men at Work. What They Did Next Left Me in Tears!





With so many videos of surprise proposals going viral, picking a favourite can be really tough. It looks like guys nowadays spend great efforts to set the bar higher for men planning to propose.

Salvatore’s proposal isn’t the most creative nor the most unique, but it’s definitely one of the most heartwarming proposals I’ve ever seen.

A 38-year-old man from Rome, Salvatore wanted to ask his girlfriend Caterina to move in with him. Both of them have Down Syndrome, a genetic condition resulting from an additional chromosome. People with such condition struggle living independently.

In order to carry out the special proposal, Salvatore asked for the help of an a cappella group  who sang Norah Jones’ hit Come Away With Me.

“Would you come and live with me, my love?” Salvatore asked as he presented Caterina with a box containing the key to their home.

Watch the heartwarming video:

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CoorDown, Italy’s organisation for individuals with Down Syndrome, created the heartwarming video in celebration of the World Down Syndrome Day.

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