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Meet the World’s Oldest Living Conjoined Twins. These Record Holders are Truly Inspiring!





Simple activities of daily living can be a tough challenge for conjoined twins. While normal people can eat, bathe and dress up without fuss, conjoined twins should be able to muster patience, cooperation, and lots of compromise to be able to survive. Such is the case of Ronnie and Donnie, the twins from Ohio who presently hold the record for the oldest living conjoined twins in history.

The world record was previously given to Giacomo ad Giovanni Tocci, who were born and raised in Itally in 1877. They died at the age of 63.

Brotherly Love from the World's Oldest Conjoined Twins.


Photo credit: Aplus

This then makes Ronnie and Donnie the oldest living conjoined twins at age 64. Their family and the health care team in charged of their care did not expect this title at all. In fact, their younger brother Jim told Nine Lives Media that the twins were not expected to live longer than a night when they were born in 1951. They have been living for more than six decades now.

With four arms, four legs and a common pelvis and digestive tract, Ronnie and Donnie have spent their lives facing each other, and doing things with one another’s aid.

They have been doing ALL things together all their lives.


Photo credit: Aplus

“They’re one body, but very much two human beings,” says Jim of his two brothers.

Although it is difficult for the twins to perform activities normally, ABC news reported that the twins were able to work and support themselves by being a part of the circus in the Dayton area. They retired in 1991.

They are each other's mirrors through anything.


Photo credit: Aplus

At present, they live a comfortable life at home with the support of Jim, and their other family members. The Mlive website said that they even have a customized bed from Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital, which according to sister-in-law Mary Galyon, has been a great help for the twins.

Such a peaceful photo of contentment.


Photo credit: Aplus

With community and familial support, the world record is undoubtedly theirs for the taking!

World Record Holders!


Photo credit: Aplus

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