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Research Reveals Second-Born Children Are Likely to Become Troublemakers

Why is this so?

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A study has validated the observation that second-born children in the family are more of troublemakers as compared to their other siblings. While this does not seem to be surprising for many, we all couldn’t help but wonder: why is this the case in the first place?

It is, of course, a common observation that first-born children are more ambitious and motivated than their younger siblings. While it is believed that younger siblings are more easygoing, possibly because parents may have become a bit lax after having been extra-attentive on the first-born, a report released earlier has specifically confirmed that second-born children are more likely to get in trouble in school and, later in life, even with the law.

Entitled “Birth Order and Delinquency,” the study utilized data of violent crime and school suspensions for thousands of siblings in Denmark and Florida.

Since the two places have distinctly different cultures, the researchers knew that the study would be more meaningful if they found the same results.

As, statistically speaking, boys get into troubles more often than girls (both in school and with the cops), the study chose to focus on second-born boys. True enough, the results revealed that a second-born boy in the family was more likely to be disciplined in school and enter into the criminal justice system than the oldest child.

A research has confirmed that second-born children are likely to become troublemakers in school and even lawbreakers later on in life.

Source: Reuters

According to the research’s lead author, MIT economist Joseph Doyle, first-born children receive undivided attention from their parents for months and even years before the second sibling joins the family. Because of the undivided attention and discipline, the first-born child is more prepared in navigating a chaotic world as compared to the second child.

As parents give their first-born undivided attention and discipline, they are more guided and prepared as they steer into the real world later on in life.

Doyle explained:

“The firstborn has role models, who are adults. And the second, later-born children have role models who are slightly irrational 2-year-olds, you know, their older siblings.”


Filipino Guy Invents Bicycle-Powered Washing Machine From Junk

Now you can workout and do laundry at the same time!

Mark Andrew



If we have to name the most common reason why some people do not exercise, it’s probably the fact that they have very busy schedules. After having a long day at the office and with chores to do at home, it seems squeezing gym time in may not be easy nor possible at all for some individuals.

In case you can relate to that type of scenario, you don’t have to be frustrated anymore. We’ve got some fantastic news for you - you can actually get some exercise done while doing your laundry!

Now you can workout and do laundry at the same time.

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Cigarette Prices Should Be Doubled, According to Researchers

Doing so would help people save money – plus it will save millions of lives, a study claims.

Mark Andrew



A new research is suggesting that the price of cigarettes should be doubled. According to the experts, the move would result to “unprecedented health gains and poverty reduction”. Besides, this would help people living with small income save their money and their lungs at the same time.

As we all know, cigarette smoking remains to be one of the most serious health threats, causing different diseases and claiming the lives of many. Now researchers are saying that putting the price tags up by 50% would help prevent sickness and poverty.

Longer life, bigger savings – if cigarette prices are doubled.

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Couple Uses Alligator As Part Of Their Gender Reveal Party

The Kliebert family stepped up their game.

Jessa Barbosa



Gender reveal parties are always exciting as couples couldn't wait to let people close to their hearts know whether they're having a girl or a boy. There are different themes would-be parents would go for when revealing the gender of their unborn.

A couple from Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Mike Kliebert and Rebecca Miller, however, decided to stray away from the usual gender reveal parties involving cakes, cupcakes or popping balloons. They've gone to the extreme by using an alligator instead.

The trending couple, Rebecca and Mike, used an alligator for their baby's gender reveal.

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