Remains of Young Boy Found Inside the Stomach of 14-Foot-Crocodile in Malaysia

Body parts and pieces of his clothing were found in the reptile's stomach.

  • A 14-foot long saltwater crocodile attacked a young boy last July 26.
  • The boy was looking for snails near a river in Rumah Dadat, Tanjung Manis, Malaysia.
  • The search and rescue team captured the reptile on the 31st of July.
  • They found pieces of clothing and human remains inside the crocodile when they cut its stomach open.

In Malaysia, a 14-foot saltwater crocodile attacked and devoured a young boy last July 26. Ricky anak Ganya, 14, was searching for snails near a river in Rumah Dadat, Tanjung Manis at approximately 11:30 in the morning. The teen was with his aunt and two other family members from the Rumah Dadat longhouse.

Suddenly, the huge reptile leapt and clamped its powerful jaw on the boy’s ankle. It then dragged Ganya underwater.

Reports say this was near the place where the tragic incident occurred.

The teenager’s aunt witnessed the horrifying scene and immediately called for help. Shortly after, a team consisting of people from the Bomba Police, Civil Defence Department, Sarawak Forestry Corporation, and residents from Rumah Dadat longhouse started looking for the boy.

They used chicken as bait. However, it was not until the morning of July 31st that they finally caught the animal.

A spokesman from the Sarawak Fire and Rescue Operations Center said, “At about 9:15am, the crocodile took the bait, a chicken, attached to a hook laid by the team at a spot about three miles away from where the boy was last seen.”

The crocodile was pulled onto the shore where its stomach was checked, “ the spokesman added.
The team cut the reptile open in search for the young boy’s corpse.
Inside the huge crocodile, the team recovered pieces of the boy’s clothing and his remains.

Sadly, there were human remains inside and these were identified as belonging to the missing teenager,” stated the spokesman.

The family eventually took Ricky Ganya’s remains home to give him a funeral in their village.
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