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Believe It Or Not, This 9-Year-Old Girl Is A Top Notch Wedding Photographer

Wow what a talented child!


When it comes to weddings, pictures should really be perfect. Besides, most of those photos will be uploaded on social media plus printed and kept in wedding albums for you to look back on years from now. That’s why it is always important to find the right photographer for the occasion.

In Scotland, one of the most in-demand shutterbugs is – believe it or not – merely 9 years of age.

Regina Wyllie has always tagged along with Kevin Wyllie, her father, who is a professional photographer for KSG Photography.

Since she was 3, Regina Wyllie has been following her father who works as a professional photographer.

regina wyllie wedding photographer 1

Kevin Wyllie, her father, has been teaching her pointers so she can hone her skills.

regina wyllie wedding photographer 3

The first time she developed an interest with photography was when she accompanied her dad at a mountain bike race. Instead of using her toy camera though, she asked for her father’s Canon G9 and began taking pictures.

Since then, she has been asking Kevin for tips and tricks about improving her craft – and she’s been rocking the camera non-stop.

Wedding clients always ask for Regina because of her fantastic shots.

regina wyllie wedding photographer 2

Regina has covered several weddings as a photographer.

regina wyllie wedding photographer 4

Her work has likewise appeared in a local magazine and a ThinkTank campaign.

regina wyllie wedding photographer 9

One of her shots was selected for a ThinkTank campaign. The father and daughter tandem were assigned to take photos of a comedian for a local magazine and Regina’s photo was picked by the mag editors. Wedding clients also request for the youngster.

Judging by the photos we’ve seen online, there’s really excellent reason why people love this pint-sized shutterbug.

Here are some of Regina Wyllie’s wedding shots:

regina wyllie wedding photographer 5

regina wyllie wedding photographer 6

regina wyllie wedding photographer 7

regina wyllie wedding photographer 8

regina wyllie wedding photographer 10

If you want to see more of Regina’s work, you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or on the official KSG Photography site.


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