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This Google Executive Ingests 100 Pills a Day to Live Forever

Do you want to live forever?


Google’s director of engineering and futurist Ray Kurzweil adopts a very peculiar and specific regimen in his bid to live forever.

Taking 30 pills in the morning, and 70 more throughout the day, Kurzweil spends $1,000 a day on supplements for his “heart health, eye health, sexual health and brain health.”

Previously, Kurzweil takes 250 pills a day, but he was able to reduce it due to recent advancements in supplements that allowed him to replace 10 pills with two.

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Aside from taking lots of pills everyday, Kurzweil eats a fairly strange breakfast with high sugar content. A typical breakfast includes porridge, smoked salmon and mackerel, berries, dark chocolate, and soy milk. In addition, he also enjoys stevia and green tea, as reported by The Mirror.

At 58, Kurzweil’s father died due to heart attack. Thanks to his radical belief, the 67-year-old Google executive feels that he’s just in his late 40’s.

Believing that our fate doesn’t rely mostly on our genes, Kurzweil thinks that it’s actually “90 percent intervention and 10 percent genes.”

“Life expectancy was 19 a thousand years ago. It was 37 in 1800. Everyone believes in life extension. Somebody comes out with a cure for disease, it’s celebrated. It’s not, ‘Oh, gee, that’s going to forestall death,” he told Entrepreneur.

His wife and children also follow the same regimen.

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‘Cursed’ Boy Has Head Permanently Lying on His Chest. Desperate Parents Prefer him Dead.

“If doctors cannot treat my son it is better that God takes him.”


A 12-year-old boy from Madhya Pradesh state in India is suffering from a mysterious crippling disease that has left him with a “twisted neck and a wasted body”.

The poor boy identified as Mahendra Ahirwar was born healthy, but started showing symptoms of the muscle-wasting disease when he turned three. Now, Mahendra’s extensor neck muscles is unable to support his head, causing his head to constantly lie on his chest or shoulder. Moreover, his limbs have also lost all muscle tissues taking much of his weight.


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World’s Most Patient Pet-Owner Strolls Tokyo with His Giant Tortoise.

This pair is definitely not in a hurry!


The famous city of Tokyo in Japan is known for its rich culture as well as its quirky attractions. A walk down its streets will expose you to the crazy side of Japan including their eccentric cosplay fashion, bizarre restaurants, and dancing robots.

An elderly man with a very huge African spurred tortoise also known as sulcata tortoise has made the city even more interesting.

Several Tokyo residents have spotted the old man walking his giant tortoise through the streets of Tsukishima. By the looks of it, he must have lot of patience to be able to do that for obvious reasons.

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What These Miners Found in Siberia Could Pertain to Ancient UFO Sightings!

These definitely look like flying saucers.

The discovery of ancient stones and fossils always excite us, as it lets us take a peek into the world before us. As added treat, some of these archaeological finds are so unique that it is not only a historical gem, but a creative find as well.

A mining company in Siberia, called the Kuznetsk Basin, is no longer a stranger to these kinds of finds. Recently, they found man-made circular stones that have been driving their employees crazy!

The stone wheels are nearly perfect circles - which baffled the mining company!


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