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Couple Welcomes 21st Child In The Family, Says It’s Really ‘Their Last’ This Time

“We thought we’d only have three children,” the dad said.

Mark Andrew





If you’re a parent and you think disciplining, providing, and caring for your children is extremely tough, just think about how you would feel if you have 21 kids. Just take it from the Radfords, known to many as Britain’s biggest family.

“I don’t think anyone sets out thinking they’ll have 21 children,” said 47-year-old Noel Radford. “We thought we’d have three.” As you can tell from the headline, he and his wife Sue, as you can tell from the headline, just became new parents all over again as they welcomed Bonnie Raye – their 21st child.

According to reports, Sue and Noel had their first baby back when they were merely 14 and 17 years old. Now their huge family has welcomed another baby at their home in Morecambe, Lancashire and Bonnie’s definitely going to be their last, they said.

In an interview with The Sun, 43-year-old Sue said:

“They [the rest of the family] were all fighting over the first cuddle. It’s such a lovely moment when you bring a new born home and the others are all lined up ready to hold her.

“We’ve both decided we don’t want any more. Bonnie has completed our family.”

In the past, Noel has had a vasectomy but the surgery eventually reversed. So now they have baby number 21.

“Some people decide to stop after two or three kids. We’ve made it after 21,” Noel commented.

In case you’re wondering how the couple manages to feed such a large family, well they “live in a converted care home and run a family bakery,” according to LadBible.

According to the couple, one of the reasons why they had so many kids was the fact both of them as children were adopted. So despite having their first baby in their young age, they decided they will never give him up no matter what.

You can watch the video here:

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53% of Pet Owners Prefer Chilling Out With Their Pets Than Their Human Friends

We all know someone exactly like this…

Mark Andrew



Be honest: If you were given the chance to choose between hanging out with your friends or your pets, which would you prefer? While some would easily pick their human pals, it's also true that there are those among us who'd much rather chill with their animals instead.

This is according to a recent research that said about 53% of pet owners said they enjoyed their pets' company more than their human buddies. Moreover, 17% even confessed they love spending quality time with their animal better than their significant other.

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Australia Doesn’t Exist, Flat Earthers Claim Country Is Biggest Hoax Ever Created

“Your Australian friends? They’re all actors and computer generated personas.”

Nobelle Borines



There is little doubt that Flat Earthers have some unconventional beliefs. However, one particular idea is causing outrage and confusion. According to the Flat Earthers, Australia doesn't actually exist. They even pointed out that the country is "one of the biggest hoaxes ever created."

A Facebook rant has gone viral after the page Flat Earth Believers decided to reveal the truth about Australia. In the post, they point out that the country "is not real" and that is was "made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace." The rant even goes as far as claiming that the so-called "Australians" are just "actors and computer-generated personas."

Flat Earthers don't believe Australia actually exists.

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Vegan Activists Play Audio From Slaughterhouses To Prove A Point To Steakhouse Diners

Reaching people is never possible when they are disrespected like this.




An unnecessary event happened in a Brazilian steakhouse when a vegan activist group randomly stormed the establishment and turned it into the site of a protest. The group forced people to listen to the sounds of animals being slaughtered and urged diners to put down their forks.

The protest group is called Direct Action Everywhere that was founded in the US in 2013. Their plan was to go to meat restaurants and supermarkets in the U.K. to make people feel bad about eating meat.

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