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Psychopath Las Vegas Shooter Sent Girlfriend to Philippines To Avoid Killing Her

This doesn’t change the fact that he was a cold-blooded murderer.

Recently, one of the world’s popular destinations, Las Vegas, was devastated by a psychopathic killer. Nicknamed “Vegas Shooter,” the infamous gunman took the lives of many innocent people while others got injured. In the latest development from the officials, the primary reason why the shooter sent his girlfriend to the Philippines was finally revealed.

So why exactly did he decide to do so? Simple: So he wouldn’t have any reason to kill her. Stephen Paddock, his real name, was on a rampage. He wanted to kill as many innocent people as possible. But based on his decision, it’s safe to say that he didn’t intend to kill his long-term girlfriend named Marilou Danley.

Paddock reportedly sent his girlfriend to th Philippines just hours before shooting.

Source: USA Today

The Las Vegas shooting was deemed to be the worst mass shooting in all of America’s modern history. Unfortunately, his motivation behind the killings remains unclear at this point. The authorities have yet to find a link to determining his reasoning.

According to official reports, Paddock bought an airline ticket just moments before the deadly shooting occurred. He did this to send his girlfriend to the Philippines, allowing her to visit her relatives. But unbeknownst to Danley, her partner was about to do something evil.

Meet Marilou Danley, the signficant other of psychopath Paddock.

She also didn’t expect to travel anytime soon. Paddock, however, explained to her that he bought the ticket for the reason it was cheap.

Apparently though, the relationship between the two was not equally balanced in terms of power. There were times when Paddock would exercise abusive power over Danley. In fact, he was once overheard by a Starbucks staff berating his partner about a cup of coffee. He talked about paying the coffee just the same way he paid for her. Despite the verbal abuse, Danley was reportedly keen to receive the words.

Dozens were killed in what appeared to be the worst mass shooting in modern America history.

Source: NBC News

An attorney for Danley was quoted in a statement saying,

Stephen Paddock was a kind, caring, quiet man.”

However, she was said to be “devastated by the deaths and injuries.” Danley also explained that Paddock never said a thing or two that could’ve been a warning of sorts. She was just surprised after she heard about everything on the news.

Here’s the Google Earth view of the location where the devastating killings happened.

Source: Fox2Now

Danley admitted that she was fully aware of Paddock’s gun collection. She went to say that their home was packed with all types of weapons. But due to the intimidation, she never had the courage to tell others about his partner’s gun collection.

It holds true, however, that Paddock purchased said weapons legally. In fact, most of the residents in the state of Nevada possess lots of weapons. Danley initially thought that Paddock bought these guns to start another side business by selling them for profit.

Danley was said to have suffered abusive power from Paddock.

The moment Danley arrived in the Philippines, she learned about the $100,000 wired by Paddock. This money was believed to be Danley’s golden ticket to starting a new life without him.

She then voluntarily went to the authorities in the Philippines for questioning, which was at the request of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). She claimed no prior knowledge of the killings and that she didn’t return to the country to escape.

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