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Psychopath Las Vegas Shooter Sent Girlfriend to Philippines To Avoid Killing Her

This doesn’t change the fact that he was a cold-blooded murderer.

Recently, one of the world’s popular destinations, Las Vegas, was devastated by a psychopathic killer. Nicknamed “Vegas Shooter,” the infamous gunman took the lives of many innocent people while others got injured. In the latest development from the officials, the primary reason why the shooter sent his girlfriend to the Philippines was finally revealed.

So why exactly did he decide to do so? Simple: So he wouldn’t have any reason to kill her. Stephen Paddock, his real name, was on a rampage. He wanted to kill as many innocent people as possible. But based on his decision, it’s safe to say that he didn’t intend to kill his long-term girlfriend named Marilou Danley.

Paddock reportedly sent his girlfriend to th Philippines just hours before shooting.

Source: USA Today

The Las Vegas shooting was deemed to be the worst mass shooting in all of America’s modern history. Unfortunately, his motivation behind the killings remains unclear at this point. The authorities have yet to find a link to determining his reasoning.

According to official reports, Paddock bought an airline ticket just moments before the deadly shooting occurred. He did this to send his girlfriend to the Philippines, allowing her to visit her relatives. But unbeknownst to Danley, her partner was about to do something evil.

Meet Marilou Danley, the signficant other of psychopath Paddock.

She also didn’t expect to travel anytime soon. Paddock, however, explained to her that he bought the ticket for the reason it was cheap.

Apparently though, the relationship between the two was not equally balanced in terms of power. There were times when Paddock would exercise abusive power over Danley. In fact, he was once overheard by a Starbucks staff berating his partner about a cup of coffee. He talked about paying the coffee just the same way he paid for her. Despite the verbal abuse, Danley was reportedly keen to receive the words.

Dozens were killed in what appeared to be the worst mass shooting in modern America history.

Source: NBC News

An attorney for Danley was quoted in a statement saying,

Stephen Paddock was a kind, caring, quiet man.”

However, she was said to be “devastated by the deaths and injuries.” Danley also explained that Paddock never said a thing or two that could’ve been a warning of sorts. She was just surprised after she heard about everything on the news.

Here’s the Google Earth view of the location where the devastating killings happened.

Source: Fox2Now

Danley admitted that she was fully aware of Paddock’s gun collection. She went to say that their home was packed with all types of weapons. But due to the intimidation, she never had the courage to tell others about his partner’s gun collection.

It holds true, however, that Paddock purchased said weapons legally. In fact, most of the residents in the state of Nevada possess lots of weapons. Danley initially thought that Paddock bought these guns to start another side business by selling them for profit.

Danley was said to have suffered abusive power from Paddock.

The moment Danley arrived in the Philippines, she learned about the $100,000 wired by Paddock. This money was believed to be Danley’s golden ticket to starting a new life without him.

She then voluntarily went to the authorities in the Philippines for questioning, which was at the request of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation). She claimed no prior knowledge of the killings and that she didn’t return to the country to escape.

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China’s Famed Rooftop Daredevil Dies After Falling Off a Skyscraper

His fans are devastated.


Wang Yongning has made a name for himself in China as the country’s first, self-styled rooftop daredevil. The extreme sports enthusiast, martial artist, and occasional supporting actor in TV and movies became famous for his risky stunts, which usually involved him walking or hanging on the edge of sky-high buildings without any protective gear.

Wang gained popularity in Chinese social media networks like Weibo (with screen name @Jixian-Yongning) and Meipai (a Chinese video-recording app), but his outrageous stunts also stirred controversy. Some concerned citizens feared that young and impressionable people might try and copy the daredevil.

But after his prolonged absence in social media, Wang’s fans started to worry.

The stuntman’s followers questioned why his accounts had not been updated for over a month. His last post was dated November 8, and users started to speculate that he had gotten into a major accident or, worse — he had died. Confirmation of Wang’s death came only recently.

Wang’s camp issued a statement to confirm that the Chinese daredevil had fallen down a skyscraper and died.

The tragic accident happened on November 8, too. His body was discovered the following day.

The statement also clarified that a previous video posted by Wang showing him dropping from a building was a gimmick recorded by Wang himself. It is not the footage of the fall that led to his death.

Wang’s social media has been flooded with condolences and tributes.

The last video he posted has earned thousands of likes, and users have been leaving his account with comments expressing their sadness over his passing.

Fans also thanked Wang for his contributions to the field of extreme sports.

Wang’s bio on Weibo reads:

“The goal is to challenge all skyscrapers in the world without any protection.”

Do you follow Wang and his stunts? How do you feel about this tragic news?

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Father Wants Justice For Daughter Who Died of Dengue After Dengvaxia Vaccine

“My daughter would still alive if she wasn’t vaccinated,” the father lamented.


We’ve recently heard the controversy regarding the Dengvaxia vaccine. Hailed as the world’s first vaccine against dengue, French pharmaceutical Sanofi Pasteur came up with the revolutionary vaccine.

Eventually, however, the manufacturer admitted that Dengvaxia may pose harmful effects. This is where a huge problem lies since over 700,000 children have already been vaccinated in the Philippines alone – and netizens are understandably outraged about it.

Now a Filipino father has recently surfaced, saying his daughter died of severe dengue after being given the said vaccine.

Source: GMA

According to reports, Nelson De Guzman is seeking justice for the death of his daughter Christine Mae, a grade 5 student who was vaccinated with Dengvaxia and later died of severe dengue.

The father has since approached the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) to ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) for help in examining “the bodies of three children believed to have died due to the effects of Dengvaxia shots,” a report said.

In an interview, the father said someone should be held responsible for the program.

“Someone should really be held liable. My daughter would still alive if she wasn’t vaccinated,” lamented De Guzman.

Source: GMA

A GMA news article further tells us Christine “had no history of dengue infection”. However, she eventually developed severe headache and fever. She passed away a day after she was rushed to the hospital. She received a Dengvaxia shot 6 months earlier.

De Guzman further said that they have documents proving their daughter has been vaccinated with Dengvaxia.

Source: Blogspot

He said:

“We have her card.”

Now a year has passed since their daughter’s death and, so far, the family has not received any assistance from the health department or from the local government.

Meanwhile, Sanofi has clarified that Dengvaxia can only be beneficial in preventing dengue for those who already had serotypes virus in the past.

Source: AFP

Moreover, the company defended that the vaccine “does not contain any viruses that can make people ill with dengue or severe dengue.”

The Department of Health has since halted its vaccination program and the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines has ordered suspending Dengvaxia’s sale, distribution, and marketing. The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is also conducting an investigation to determine who should be held accountable for putting the public’s lives in danger.

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Bullies Who Drove Teen To Commit Suicide Are Now Tormenting Her Grieving Parents

The parents are now getting a taste of what their daughter had been through.


Bullying continues to be a serious issue for kids and teens, especially now that the Internet has become a tool that bullies can use. These bullies have somehow become even more heartless as they not only target their victims but also their parents. The Avilas can attest to that.

The Avilas had to deal with the difficulty of losing their 13-year-old girl, Rosalie, to bullies. The young girl had been made fun of for two years that one day she decided she had enough and attempted to take her own life. Frank and Charlene Avila of Loma Linda, California not only had to deal with the heartbreak of Rosalie’s death, but are also facing the bullies themselves.

Rosalie hanged herself in her bedroom last week after suffering from bullying for years.

Source: Facebook
Her parents are now being targeted by her bullies, receiving unpleasant messages from them.

Source: Facebook

Rosalie committed suicide last week, Nov. 28 in their home in California. Frank found her body after hearing her screams in the bedroom. The Avilas then rushed their girl to the hospital, where Rosalie was in critical condition. Unfortunately, it was too late for her. She was on life support but then it was switched off this week.

In her suicide note, Rosalie apologized to her parents.

Rosalie’s organs will be donated.

Rosalie’s death was just the start of something even more unbelievably heartbreaking for Frank and Charlene. The death of their daughter continues to haunt them as bullies are now sending them memes about Rosalie’s death on social media. As reported, Frank and Charlene received a meme that had Rosalie’s face on it and read, “hey mom. Next time don’t tuck me in this,” beside a photo of a bed and Rosalie smiling.

Underneath the meme, it read, “Tuck me in THIS,” with a photo of an open grave and the girl’s face superimposed on the body of a boy pointing toward the grave. News outlets did not release the photo out of respect for the grieving family. “For you to do that, I mean, you’re heartless … you have no compassion,” Charlene said about the bullies.

Rosalie attended Mesa View middle school.

The Avilas noticed Rosalie had been reclusive for the past few months.

Frank and Charlene had noticed that Rosalie had been more withdrawn. They then had her see a counselor after they found out that she cut herself. The parents were aware that she was being bullied but didn’t realize the extent of it until they, themselves, started receiving the memes.

Rosalie had carried with her a journal, in which she poured her heart out during those years. Freddie recalled reading an entry in which Rosalie wrote that she had been called ugly and that kids made fun of her teeth.

The Avilas didn’t think that their “excellent student” daughter would consider suicide. Charlene is calling out to people that something should be done about bullying.

“Now I know what my daughter was up against. Something needs to be done.”

Frank, on the other hand, blames the school for not doing anything and for letting bullies do what they do. He said he had done everything he could yet no one responded.

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