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Preschooler Program in a Nursing Home Touches Both Kids and Older Adults In a Special Way





When we grow old, many of us are going to have to enter nursing homes. In the US, more and more people are expected to reach the age of 65 in the next 25 years. Forty three percent of older adults experience social isolation and this is highly likely to develop into depression, loneliness, mental and physical decline. People tend to enter their elderly parents and grandparents in nursing homes as this is sadly, the only way to go. Young adults and middle-age people are too busy with work hence, they can’t look after their elderly relatives more closely.

We have heard of horrific stories about nursing homes — the mismanagement, the abuse and the neglect. But we found this nursing home in Seattle that has a preschool program that allows the very young to interact with the very old. It sounds odd to let people from both ends of the age spectrum come together but we think both of them have learned many things during the program. We think this short film was made a few years back but the lessons in it are worth sharing.

Watch the video here:

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Our elderly relatives need time and opportunities to interact and feel alive and we think this activity is a great way to experience that. The preschool children, on the other hand, sure learned a thing or two from their elders but above all, it is a joy to see that the value of giving importance to older adults were instilled in them at a very young age.

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Credits: Present Perfect Film via Viral Nova

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