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Preacher Spent 15 Years Building this Five-Story Tree House in the Wilderness


In 1993, a preacher named Horace Burgess received a divine calling from God. He claims that the good Lord said to him, “If you build a treehouse, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” Without any specific plans for its construction, Burgess gathered as much reclaimed wood and used only recycled pallets.

The Tennessee priest made use of an 80-foot-tall oak tree as a foundation and at least six other oak trees to stabilize the structure. For 15 years, he just kept on building the structure on the piece of land he had purchased just outside Crossville.

Look at what the pastor built…



Photo credit: www.pbase.com

When I envision a tree house, I see a small, wooden, space sitting above a sturdy tree. It usually has a makeshift ladder or a rope to help kids climb and reach their very own fortress. But, what Burgess made defied my imagination.

He made the world’s largest tree house



Photo credit: Caters News Agency
The 5-storey-edifice stands 97 feet high and approximately 32,000 square feet long



Every story has a porch deck



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It has at least 80 rooms including a church in one of the levels and a bell tower on top




According to Burgess, this is God’s house, and everyone is welcome here



Photo credit: lostateminor


Photo credit: lostateminor
The beautiful, massive structure attracted tourists to visit the site


Unfortunately, the local fire Marshall temporarily closed it down due to a few fire code violations three years ago. Still, the majestic tree house stands; a true testimony of faith and a proof that God indeed provides all of our needs.

What can you say about this treehouse? Will you also obey if God orders you to build or do something in His name? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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