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Prada Introduces a $185 Paper Clip And People Aren’t Impressed





Having $185 in your pocket is enough to get you several useful things. Take the money to the dollar store and you’ll have an enjoyable shopping spree. But for the luxury brand Prada, $185 would be enough for a person to buy a paper clip. That’s not just an ordinary paper clip though – it’s made of sterling silver.

This paper clip is nothing like its boring-looking cousins in the store. It is 6.25 centimeters long and 2.25 centimeters wide and is primarily a money clip. It not only serves its purpose of holding things together but also because it’s… Prada!

But of course, not all people are truly impressed by the Italian brand as the price of the clip costs a lot more than what people usually have in their wallets. And now, the brand is under fire on Twitter as people expressed their reactions about the expensive paperclip-shaped money clip.

Prada is selling this sterling silver paper clip for $185.

People on Twitter were clearly not impressed.

“Be careful who you bully in middle school…”

If you're that wealthy enough, why not?

There's a difference between a money clip and paper clip ya'll.

No more ideas.

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