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This Potty-Training Bullseye Light Is A Lifesaver For Moms

Training young boys to use the toilet can be a real struggle – and no, we aren’t even talking about pooping yet. As any parent could attest, teaching a little boy to pee on his own can somehow present challenges as they try to learn how to aim their “thing” properly.

This can sometimes be messy. They’d get not only the floor and the toilet wet but even their pants. Ask any mommy and they’ll easily tell you this is one of their least favorite things about a growing up kid.

Well necessity, as they always say, is the mother of invention and it looks like one company as stepped up to help mothers about this problem.

Apparently, a company called Target Toilet has released a product they call the Potty-Training Bullseye Light which does exactly what its name implies.

As the product description tells us, this battery-powered device “promotes independent toilet training for boys” so the parents won’t have to be there all the time their youngster needs to pee. It attaches on the toilet lid’s underside and then the motion-activated device beams a green light into the bowl, all for the purpose of helping improve your kid’s aim which, in the long run, could result to a less stinky bathroom.

But could this tech also be of any use for little girls? Well yes, since it can be used as a night light for those latenight trips to the bathroom.

More than that, the company also says that the target is “loved by parents with special needs and autism spectrum children” because it can be pretty useful for visual learners.

Sounds good, you say? Well if you’re curious, you can check out the item on Amazon. Whether you are buying one for your kid or just want to make toilet time a little more fun for yourself, that’s entirely up to you. We won’t judge, bro!

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