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Her Boyfriend Left Her in Empty Restaurant. She Then Got a Call and was Left in Tears!





Love can make us go crazy and do things we never thought we could. After all, it is about constantly going the extra mile and making extraordinary things look ordinary everyday. Marriage proposals are the perfect opportunities for individuals to go out of their comfort zones and exude their hidden creativity. It is a valid event where one can actually go crazy and not be condemned for it – all in the name of love.

We found this video of a Korean couple who went out for an exclusive dinner in an empty restaurant. Seconds later, the guy stood up and left his girlfriend, Soojung all by herself. A few moments more and Soojung received a call from his boyfriend, who asked to her to look at the glass building outside.

Watch the touching events that happened next:

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NOTE: Please turn on CC/Subtitles in the right lower part your media player to enable the subtitles.

The proposal was made on March 14, which is also the date that Koreans celebrate Valentine’s Day; it is also popularly called White Day. The boyfriend rented three floors of a glass building and approximately 250 messengers to intricately assemble the post-its that read, “Soojung, will you marry me?”

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Credits: Post-it via Trendsteves

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