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5 Popular Historical Figures Who Were Actually Perverts

Some of the world’s greatest minds also spent their energy and time on making love, just like any human would do.

They are called historical figures for different reasons. They either had invented a device or changed humanity’s perspective on things. Although they were gifted with intelligence and god-like talents, they were still human beings. They made mistakes, too.

These historical figures we compiled were all guilty of being perverts. Yes, that is right. Their longing for sex was just as intense as their desire to create new stuff. Well, without further ado, here they are below!

#5. H.G. Wells

Source: RBTH

If you are fond of reading, it is a crime if you do not know who H.G. Wells is. He was a famous writer during his time, though he only wrote one book entitled War of the Worlds. But make no mistake, this book single-handedly created what is now celebrated as the “alien invasion” genre.

The iconic author, however, was infamous for having a raging and maniacal sexuality. Soon after his divorce with his first wife Jane Wells, he did a lot of things that involved sex. And what exactly did he do to win the heart of the girls? He used his fame and wealth, just like any man of his status. All of his affairs were recorded in his diary, and they were meticulously detailed – including the way the deed went.

#4. Charles Lindbergh

This guy here was known for being the heroic aviator who flew across the Atlantic alone. His stunt cemented his name as one of the daredevils during his time, considering he used a small plane and survived. It cannot be denied that Charles Lindbergh was a family man. He always looked after his wife and kids.

Despite that, it was later revealed that the he had three separate secret lovers (one was his secretary and the other two were sisters). And he fathered a total of seven kids among them. But being a pervert himself, he would not settle for a normal woman. She should be a porn film fiddler just like him.

#3. Hans Christian Andersen

Source: Visitfyn

Hans Christian Andersen became one of the pillars of the fairy tale genre. His works included The Little Mermaid and The Princess and the Pea. However, Hans was more interested in doing one more thing: Jerking off. In fact, his masturbation escapades were heavily written in his diary.

There were even times, as described in his diary, that he would masturbate together with a group of people. It was like an orgy minus the sex. Rumors have it that Hans’ masturbation addiction finally took a toll on him. He was believed to have suffered from severe penis sore. Interestingly, though, Hans remained single and was actually a virgin throughout his life.

#2. Erwin Schrodinger

Erwin Schrodinger was a Nobel-Prize-winning scientist, thanks to his groundbreaking work in the field of philosophy and physics. He was also responsible for coining the term “Schrodinger Cat’s” dilemma, which basically described the dilemma of Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics. The scenario presents a cat that, in one way or another, may be simultaneously both alive and dead. It is a lengthy discussion, so to speak, but it only means that the dilemma does not make sense. But while his love for cat continued to be a debate in the society, his desire to make love grew more intense each day.

Many believe that Schrodinger’s obsession towards achieving a higher state of consciousness (more like a superhuman ability) made his life dotted with various passionate affairs. This “thing” of his was so strong that he told his wife about bringing another woman named Hilde. The latter, however, was able to give Erwin a child. He was not satisfied, despite that. He began to jump from one woman to another, with each of them making love with him. Schrodinger’s affairs were quite lavish enough to encompass his works.

#1. King Edward VII

Now, this was the guy who really acted like a true king (though he was really a king). History describes King Edward IV as the monarch who spearheaded a very important treaty with France. Apparently, he was also known for one thing: f**king girls. Not only was he infamous for “wife-swapping,” he also made a name on the streets. Believe it or not, his sexual appetite was on a whole new level that girls would hide for the fear of getting harassed by King Edward VII. His lovers were so many that no one, even him, could keep track of the numbers. He also had affairs with plenty of famous actresses such as Lillie Langty and Sarah Bernhardt. More importantly, he was known for using the custom-made love chair. He used this every time he made love with his women.


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