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Plastic Surgeon Redesigns Wife To Make Her Perfect

This plastic surgeon based in Miami created his “perfect wife” through a series of life-changing surgeries.






A plastic surgeon from Miami conducted multiple surgeries to his wife to make her perfect and uses her as a model to promote his clinic and business.

Dr. Phillip Craft, 47, runs his a clinic in Miami and uses his wife as his in-house model to show off to new clients. His wife, Anna, 43, received cosmetic procedures to attain perfection courtesy of his husband.

Anna Craft received multiple surgeries courtesy of her plastic surgeon husband.

Phillip has been persuading his wife to undergo the knife for years, especially after having kids in order to “fine tune” her face and body and to somehow turn back the time. Anna snubbed her husband’s suggestion at first but conceded after giving birth to two kids. She confessed that she lost her confidence because her body is not the same.

Anna became an in-house model for her husband’s clinic in Miami.

Phillip and Anna Craft in their younger years with their two boys.

Anna admitted that she has received various procedures, including a boob job, liposuction, bum lifts, body-contouring surgery, waist and abdominal sculpting, Botox and cheek and lip fillers. The proud wife is delighted of her husband’s handiwork.

“Phillip loves redesigning his sports cars, our furniture and, most of all, me. After having two kids, I decided to let him fine-tune me. He’s enhanced my breast, sculpted my waist and injected fillers in my face. Phillip even sculpted my abdomen to look like a proper six-pack instead of just a one-pack!”

Anna and Phillip tied the knot in 1995.

Phillip said that any woman should consider botox and fillers after reaching age 25 to preserve their beauty.

“I always say to patients, ‘If you want to know how good a surgeon I am, then look at my wife’. Anna’s as close to perfection as possible.”

Anna got used to undergoing cosmetic surgery and said that it is like “getting braces or having your hair done”.

Picture perfect! Anna admitted gaining more confidence after her husband redesigned her.


Pissed Woman Takes Selfies With Catcallers, Posts Them Online To Show Struggles Women Face

Noa Jansma grew tired of catcallers that keep harassing her in public. So she did something about it!

Donna Marie Padua



Appreciating the beauty of a woman can be very fluttering for them if done right. But if guys go overboard by harassing them privately or publicly, they might swear on the appearance they were blessed with and grow a trauma of being around rude boys. So how should boys express their awe?

It seems like the generation of gentlemen is over and ladies men come to take over. Some men have grown very expressive of their thoughts that sometimes they fail to recognize the rudeness that comes with their actions and words. As for some, they harass women intentionally and it is a mystery how they can feel more manly from doing such deeds.

Women, on the other hand, grow scared of the outside world. Instead of feeling confident of their beauty, they sometimes see it as a curse as some men use it to disrespect them rather than appreciate them. But an Amsterdam-based student took a brave stand against her catcallers by documenting each one of them to let the world know how disturbing they can actually become.

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Gory Cut-Out Squiggle Brows Are Instagram’s New Viral Beauty Trend In Time For Halloween

Girls are trying the new eyebrow trend taking rounds on Instagram, but it is gruesome like it was hacked off the face!

Donna Marie Padua



Over the past few years of improving makeup techniques, the eyebrows have been one of the facial features that need detailed work. Today, girls can probably survive going outside without putting on a foundation, but not without their eyebrows done using branded brow pencils, gels or powder.

For the love of beautiful eyebrows, people have been coming up different brow trends where there were unique creations that started a craze among girls. There were feather brow fads, penis brows and the latest to take the internet by storm were the braided brows.

Isobelle takes the wavy brow challenge.

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NASA Astronauts Just Responded to B.o.B’s Plan To Prove The Flat Earth Conspiracy

NASA astronauts have had enough of B.o.B’s crazy flat-earth conspiracy.

Mark Lester Celozar



For those of you that are unaware, B.o.B recently made headlines after revealing his plan to prove that the Earth is actually flat. Surprisingly, NASA decided to break their silence and responded to this ruckus despite its absurdity.

As expected, the situation became a lot more ridiculous. There are already countless Earth images spread across the internet and libraries which already makes B.o.B’s plan redundant and unnecessary in the first place.

Here’s B.o.B tweet explaining his well-thought out point to prove that Earth is flat.

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