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Incredible World Trade Center Death-Defying Walk Stunt Revealed in Rare Photos

Now this is what you call fearless!


On the morning of August 7, 1974, French high-wire artist Philippe Petit made history when he crossed the North and South towers of the World Trade Center at 1,350 feet.

Aside from conquering the Twin Towers, the adrenaline seeker performed high-wire walks in some of the world’s greatest tourist sites including Notre Dame and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

During his famous stunt at the Twin Towers, Petit made 8 passes along the wire holding a custom-made balancing pole weighing 25 kg for 45 minutes.

For a man like Philippe Petit, there’s no room for error.


Photo credit: Unilad
One single mistake can definitely lead to his death.


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Photo credit: true merchant


Photo credit: Unilad
But fear didn’t stop him from doing the unthinkable.


Photo credit: Unilad

Petit was later arrested for the illegal walk but was released on the condition that he will perform for free for children in Central Park. The artist was also given a lifetime pass to access the Twin Towers’ Observation Desk.


Photo credit: Unilad

"The boundary of life that we call death does not bother me. I have a life wish, not a death wish."

Sporting a huge grin, he was arrested immediately after coming off the wire.


Photo credit: Unilad

A dramatic adaptation of his incredible stunt will be featured in an upcoming Hollywood film titled “The Walk” starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.


Watch the trailer of the movie “The Walk”.

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Epic 9-Foot Tall Iron Man Hulkbuster Cosplay Stole The Show At Comic Con

Move over, Tony Stark! This guy just made a gigantic Hulkbuster armor from scratch.

If you’ve been to a comic convention before, you know that wearing superhero costumes is pretty much the norm during such events. But if you’ve attended the recently-concluded New York Comic Con, you’ll know one particular cosplay stood out from the rest.

The “Iron Man Hulkbuster” cosplay by Thomas DePetrillo of Extreme Costumes totally grabbed everyone’s eyes because of its massive size and impressive details. It’s really hard to miss this guy given the fact that the costume stands over 9 feet tall. You’ll see it even if you’re standing several meters away from where he stands.

Worn by Iron Man on Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulkbuster cosplay quickly became a crowd favorite at NYCC.

ironman-hulkbuster-cosplay-nycc 1

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This Epic “Camel Toe Prank” Is The Most Hilarious Ever!

Nothing like camel toe in the morning, baby!

Girls, imagine this little scenario. Let’s say you are walking down the street, feeling all comfortable and sexy with your chosen attire for the day and then a random stranger suddenly approaches you to tell you that “your camel toe is showing.”

You’d feel shocked about it, right? Well that’s exactly what the guys over at Whatever, a group of YouTube pranksters, did one day and the results turned out to be truly hilarious. Besides, these dudes did bring a real camel in town just for this prank. For the preparation alone, I say these dudes deserve an award or something.

To make the prank work, these guys brought a real camel in the city.


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Meet Takanoyama Shuntaro, The World’s Skinniest Sumo Wrestler

This white man doesn’t look like your typical sumo wrestler, but he’s just as lethal inside the ring.


When talking about sumo wrestlers, we often describe them as huge, heavyset, and strong men with a bodybuild similar to a bear's. However, Czech sumo wrestler Takanoyama Shuntaro defies all sumo wrestling norms - his arms and legs are not as thick as logs and his chest does not look like a wall. In fact, he is taut and well-built.

Born as Pavel Bojar, Shuntaro claims that he is the first Czech man to join the ranks of sumo wrestlers who are primarily of Japanese descent. According to him, what he lacks in body mass is made up for by his superior skills in throwing opponents out of the ring instead of tackling them.

Watch the video:

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