Now You Can Buy Colorful Helmets For Your Pet Chicken

Will you buy one?

  • A store on Etsy is selling handmade plastic-elastic helmets for chicken.
  • The helmets come in different colors and designs.
  • They measure 4cm x 4.5cm each and are said to be good for chickens, ducks, and other poultry, according to the seller.

We’ve always emphasized about the importance of helmets. In fact, we’ve previously had an entire feature dedicated on that subject. Helmets are absolute lifesavers and so we hope more people will keep wearing them whenever necessary. Go buy a quality one so you can protect yourself during your motorcycle rides and, for some people, while at the work place.

Of course, it also has to be said that there are some pretty crazy helmets available out there. Case in point, you have probably seen the realistic-looking human head helmets that went viral in the past. Crafted by Jyo John Mullor, an artist based in Dubai, the unique helmets have gotten a lot of attention on social media just because they’re creepy and awesome at the same time.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re now seeing helmets made specifically for chickens.

We know that sounds ridiculous but yes, we’re serious. In fact, you can buy one (or more) online right now if you’re really interested. It’s an actual legit product is what we’re saying!

The helmets are available in a wide variety of designs and colors and is suitable for chickens, ducks, or other poultry.

Because you know, your pet chicken like definitely cares about what he gets to wear on his head, right? Well yeah, we’re not so sure about that.

Regardless, you can go check out the rest of the promotional photos below:

This just brings to mind another crazy chicken accessory we’re seen before – the Yesito chicken leash and harness which allows your chicken to, you know, cross the road safely.

Just damn! People are really creating and selling these things. What a time to be alive!

Anyway, if you wanna buy these handmade plastic-elastic helmets, we suggest you go visit GoodfellowCorporateS on their Etsy store right now.

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