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Father Reports 17-Year-Old Son To Police After Finding Nude Photos of Toddler On His Phone

This father did the right thing.

Aside from providing for their daily needs, parents also have the duty to discipline their children and make sure that they grow up to be good, responsible adults. Its never an easy job, especially if your child starts to contradict your teachings.

Now imagine the shock and surprise of one father when he found naked photos of a sleeping 2-year-old girl on his teenager son’s phone. What would you do if you were in his position? Well, he took matters into his own hands and immediately reported his boy to the police!

Paul Spensberger, the father, reported his son Andrew, 17, to the authorities after discovering child porn on his phone.

According to Paul, the two photos were taken at close range and featured a 2-year-old relative of Andrew’s girlfriend. The toddler was sleeping when she was photographed. Paul saw the images after he confiscated the boy’s phone for bad behavior.

In an interview with DailyMail, Paul said he was “disgusted” by the images and felt it necessary to contact the police right away.

Meanwhile, Andrew defended that he intended to sell the photos to a pedophile high school classmate.

Andrew said he was hoping to sell the pictures for $350. Despite his explanation, Paul still called the authorities and Andrew ended up getting arrested on charges of felony child pornography.

Now Andrew is in the county jail with a bond of $10,000. His father refuses to pay it!

Paul said:

“He feels like s***. He feels remorse and he is scared, he’s facing time in prison. I could go and get him but he needs to learn.”

In the past, Andrew have had several cases of stealing.

Paul shared he believes his story that he really planned to sell the photos and not use it for himself. He further commented:

“Andrew is a thief but he is not sexual like that.

“He was in a bind [for money]… and I have no doubt there are kids at his school that would buy s*** like that.”

Meanwhile, Paul has contacted the toddler’s family and they said they’ve already forgiven Andrew.

If convicted, Andrew is facing a possible 4-year-imprisonment. Paul, on the other hand, still has not decided whether to hire him a lawyer or not.

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