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Pastor Admits To Sexually Assaulting 17-Year-Old Girl, Gets Standing Ovation from Church

“God’s forgiveness is bigger than any sin,” the pastor said.

With all the sexual harrassment cases and reports we’ve been hearing lately, we’ve established this one thing: everybody hates a predator. We all see them as despicable beings taking advantage of hapless victims.

No one would give pervert a standing ovation, right? Well, that’s what we thought! Apparently, a pastor in Memphis received exactly that from his congregation when he confessed that he sexually assaulted a teenager in Texas more than 20 years ago.

Pastor Andy Savage of Highpoint Church admitted and apologized about his sexual crime during a Sunday service.

Source: Facebook

The said service was livestreamed on the official YouTube page of the church.

The incident was recently brought to light by Jules Woodson, his victim, who wrote about it on WatchKeep. According to her, she was still in highschool when Savage gave her a ride home. He, however, “took her to a wooded area, unzipped his pants, took his penis out, and asked her for oral sex,” reported the DailyMail.

Woodson recalled:

“I remember feeling special and excited. I assumed we were going to get ice cream.

“I was scared and embarrassed, but I did it. I remember feeling that this must mean that Andy loved me.”

Savage also asked her to unbutton her shirt and then he touched her breasts.

Woodsonn said the incident lasted for five minutes and after that, Savage got out of the car, knelt, and exclaimed “Oh my God. What have I done?”

Savage was a college student at the time and a youth minister at Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church in Texas.

Woodson was a high school senior and a member of his youth ministry. She later approached an associate pastor to talk about what happened but much to her shock, he only reacted by asking “So you’re telling me you participated?”

The victim wrote:

“I didn’t say that I screamed no, jumped out of the car and ran into the dark forest because I hadn’t. I told him that Andy had asked me to perform oral sex and unbutton my shirt and I did.

“Not only did I suddenly feel this immense guilt for doing what Andy had asked me to do but I also started to feel that this was my fault somehow because I didn’t stop him.”

“My repentance over this sin over 20 years ago was done believing God’s forgiveness is bigger than any sin, and I still believe that,” Savage declared in front of his congregation.

During his remarks, Savage also said:

“Any painful memories or fresh wounds this has created for anyone, I am sorry and I humbly ask for your forgiveness, I love you all very much.”

The audience stood up and cheered.

Meanwhile, Chris Conless, lead pastor of Highpoint Church, also declared:

“I can assure you that I have total confidence in the redemptive process Andy went through. I have watched Andy strive to live a godly life and proactively share what he has learned to help others.”

Watch the CBS News report here:

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