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Out of Control at Oktoberfest: 17 Photos of People Behaving Badly





There’s no doubt that Oktoberfest — the annual beer festival that was originally celebrated in Munich, Bavaria — has become a global phenomenon. Beer, after all, is a universally loved beverage. These days, beer lovers from various countries set up extravaganzas in October to highlight the brews that everyone can enjoy.

Unfortunately, there are many people who drink more beer than they can handle. They end up doing things that they normally wouldn’t do. But we can’t really blame it all on the beer, can we? It’s also possible that these individuals use Oktoberfest as a license to run wild or look like utter fools.

Don't blame the brew! The beer isn't responsible for your actions.


Photo credit: MorgueFile

As evidence, we present photos of 17 instances when Oktoberfest participants ditched their inhibitions and good sense.

Warning: Some of these images might not be safe for viewing at work or around kids. Just let them serve as examples of what people should not do at the Oktoberfest. It’s possible to enjoy beer without sacrificing your dignity. Let the unflattering, lewd, and humiliating predicaments of the people in these photos serve as cautionary tales.

#1. Cute outfit, not-so-cute barf-where-you-drop position.


Photo credit: Viral Thread
#2. It really must be true love.


Photo credit: Viral Thread
#3. Their future children will definitely be amused by this group shot.


Photo credit: Viral Thread
#4. They're literally falling for each other.


Photo credit: TG via Viral Thread
#5. Against all odds, he maintained his poise.


Photo credit: Viral Thread
#6. Thought bubble: "Why is the men's room so crowded?"


Photo credit: Viral Thread
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