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Barber Shop With Half-Naked “Hair Stylists” Becomes an Instant Hit Among Men





In the past, we’ve shared with you some very interesting barber-related stories. For instance, we’ve written about that good barber who generously gave free haircuts to homeless people. More recently, we’ve also posted those hilarious “say no more” barber memes that made everyone of us laugh.

This time, we’re going to tell you about Old Boy, a salon in Oskemen, Kazakhstan that recently found a way to generate a lot of attention among new and existing customers.

The barber shop recently received viral fame on the internet after photos showing stunning and sexy hairdresses surfaced on social media.

Sounds interesting, you say? Well scroll down below and see for yourself. Be warned, however, that some photos may be NSFW (not safe for work):

How would you like to get a hair cut from these sexy hair stylists?

Source: CEN

In one of the photos, two hotties can be seen wearing high heels, thongs, and aprons while attending to their customers.

A sexy bruntette lady, meanwhile, wore nothing but a black apron.

Naturally, men’s curiosities were aroused, no pun intended, but many were surprised when the hairdressers started getting intimate with each other.

Plot twist: the hairdressers suddenly began getting a little too intimate, raising suspicions among netizens

As it turns out, the girls were actually dancers from the local strip club called Zebra. They were tapped to pose for photos for the salon’s advertising campaign which was a success because of all the attention the business received.

Still, the racy photos definitely got a lot of reactions from netizens.

Considering that we’ve recently heard about nude maid services, we really wouldn’t be surprised if this was a real thing. Unfortunately for all the barber shop’s potential customers, it was all done in the name of advertising.

Still, this might be a good business idea to consider. Other salons, take note!

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