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Police Officer Reunited With The Abandoned Child He Found And Saved 25 Years Ago.





Twenty five years ago, police officer Michael Buelna was investigating a different case when he found a newborn baby abandoned behind the dumpster in an alley. Buelna recalled that the baby was tiny and still had his umbilical cord attached to him so he rushed him to the nearby paramedics. Luckily, the child dubbed as ‘baby Adam’ was saved.

After more than two decades, ‘baby Adam’ is now a grown man named Robin Barton. Barton finally got the chance to meet and thank the man who saved his life after so many years. Buelna who is now a retired officer was reunited with Barton together with his adoptive parents. Both of them hoping for this moment to come.

‘I’m extremely grateful, not just for him but to his wife as well and to everyone else that was involved in saving me,’ Barton said.

It doesn’t end there though, Barton is  also searching for his biological mother who was imprisoned for 3 years for what she did to him. Here’s what Barton has to say to her,

‘I would like her to know that I’m not angry with her, I’m not upset and I don’t blame her and I do forgive her.’

Watch the heartwarming video:

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What an inspiring and touching story. Only proves that there are still good people in this world. As for Barton, he only deserves his second shot at life including his loving family because he grew up to be a good man just like his rescuer.

Credits: SM News, SFGlobe, KTLA 5

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