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15 Odd and Worst Jobs in the World That May Make You Appreciate Your Work




#4. Crime Scene Cleaner

#4. Crime Scene Cleaner

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Crime scene is not limited to murder and homicide, it also includes crime that involves animals and chemical spills. This spots where such incidents happen are cleaned by crime scene cleaners. The cleaners are supposed to be in the area hours before the clearing operation. This is because they need to be aware of the situation in order for them to properly clean the place.

#5. Embalmer

#5. Embalmer

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Embalming is the art of science that deals with preserving the human remains from decomposing. The embalmer is the person who cleans the corpse, drain all body fluid, take out internal organs and stuff the cadaver with fillers and air to make it look as if nothing was taken out. Chemicals are also used to prevent or delay decomposition of the remains. Seeing a dead body is unpleasant for many and exposure to the said articles above is a health hazard.

#6. Roadkill Collector

#6.  Roadkill Collector

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These people do not collect dead animals on the highway but they are the one in charge of cleaning the streets from road kill. It is a 24 hour job and on call especially on places where large critters usually cross the road.

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