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Nurse Accidentally Cuts Off Baby’s Toes and Doesn’t Say Anything About It!

The incident was not immediately reported by the nurse and was discovered by the baby’s father four hours later.

A nurse in the Philippines is now facing charges after she made a horrible mistake.

Riza Dominisac, 30, is a nurse working in the southernmost part of the Philippines — specifically, Pagadian City, Zamboanga de Sur in Mindanao. She did something that could be considered every parent’s worst nightmare. She accidentally cut off a baby’s toes.

It happened at a hospital in Pagadian City.

It happened at a hospital in Pagadian City.

The police’s initial investigation revealed that the incident happened at the Hofileña Hospital at around 7 a.m. on Wednesday, October 5. At that time, the baby girl was only two days old.

As such, one can imagine the baby being so tiny and utterly helpless.

Now, for some reason, Dominisac decided to use surgical scissors to remove the bandage on the baby’s left foot. The reports don’t explain why there was a bandage on the baby’s foot in the first place.

Indeed, what happened next is absolutely horrible. Dominisac ended up accidentally cutting the small toe and part of the ring toe.

Parents trust nurses with their newborn babies.

Parents trust nurses with their newborn babies.


A report by Mindanao Pagadian Frontline correspondent Jong Cadion noted: “The incident was not immediately reported by the nurse. It was discovered by the baby’s father, Charles Delmar, four hours later.”

The report revealed that Dominisac was arrested at around 5 p.m. that same day. Police caught up with her at her sister’s house.

A baby is delicate from head to toe.

A baby is delicate from head to toe.

As expected, the baby’s dad immediately filed a complaint with the police. He went to the Women and Children Welfare Division.

Thus, Dominisac has been charged for inflicting serious physical injuries on the baby.

Then again, it’s infuriating that Dominisac has been granted temporary liberty. Apparently, she paid the standard bail of PHP10,000 for the said charge. In US currency, that’s around $207.

Only one toe was saved.

Only one toe was saved.

Meanwhile, as for the baby, reports say that doctors tried to reattach her toes. However, only one toe was saved. Understandably, the baby’s parents are now also thinking about filing charges against the hospital.

For her part, Dominisac has reportedly said sorry for what happened. In fact, she pointed out that it was a terrible accident.

The nurse is now out on bail.

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That may be so, but why did she not immediately report that the baby was hurt? That’s probably why the baby’s parents are determined to pursue the case against her.

Truth be told, it’s not easy to be considerate when a person says she’s sorry but doesn’t own up to her mistake. In this case, she harmed a baby.


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