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In Japan, There’s Such a Thing as a Noodle Bath

Feel the broth on your skin!

If you love baths and you’ve tried everything, from scented aromatherapy baths to lavish milk baths, why not try bathing in noodles and pork broth? Yep, you read that right. Noodles and pork broth!

At the Yunessun Spa House in Hakone, Japan, there exists such a service in which customers can take a dip in a tub filled with hot broth and noodles. The spa actually used real noodles at first, but when the local health department banned edible noodles due to obvious concerns, the spa resorted to using synthethic noodles instead. The pork broth, as far as we know, is real.

Feel the broth on your skin…

Feel the broth on your skin...


“It feels like bathing in a real noodle bowl!” says one of the customers.

So why on Earth will you bathe in noodles?!? Apparently, it is good for the skin and can increase metabolism. The pork-based broth contains collagen, they say, and you know that collagen works wonders for the skin.

Watch this noodle bath in action:

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You can also try it at home like this guy who used instant noodles:

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Guy Sleeping at a Dairy Farm Receives the Most Disgusting Prank from His Colleagues

This will make you think twice about sleeping at work.

You've probably had friends or colleagues play a prank on you while you're trying to sneak some snooze time at the workplace. Maybe they tried to place a paper clip in your openly snoring mouth or maybe they took a picture of your I-look-drugged-and-out appearance and posted the image on Facebook for the entire office to see.

Whatever it is that they did to you, we're pretty sure it's not as bad as what this poor fella got when he fell asleep on the job.

While he was slumped on the chair taking a nap at the dairy farm, his colleagues placed the very cooperative cow behind him and positioned the creature's arse right above his head. You can probably guess what happened next......

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Internet Mogul Kim DotCom Creates The Most Expensive Music Video Ever Made!

The video surpassed Michael and Janet Jackson’s $7 million ‘Scream’ video!

Living the good life seems like the ultimate dream of all. We all want to own mansions, luxury cars and be able to travel as we pleased. Unfortunately, it is very hard to achieve that. So for people who were able to do so, especially those who were not really born rich, we salute you!

One filthy rich man we know is Kim Dotcom. If you have not heard of him, he is a 41-year-old German-born based in New Zealand, who founded the now-defunct Megaupload. In his Twitter account, he is described as “Entrepreneur. Innovator. Gamer. Artist. Internet Freedom Fighter & Father of 5."

He is an example of a person now living the good life. He loves yachts, speedboats, big houses and jet skiing. You get the picture....

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7.5 cm Spider with Fangs Dripping Venom, Dropped Off at Australian Hospital

If you’re terrified of spiders, stop reading this.

If you're terrified of spiders, stop reading this.

A huge funnel web spider measuring 7.5 centimeters was found by a bushwalker, who then dropped off the creature at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. Venom was dripping off the spider's fangs when the bushwalker found it.

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold...

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold......

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