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Three Non-Swimmers Accidentally Filmed Themselves Drowning In A Deep Pond

They posed for a photo but ended up filming their deaths.


Three men who didn’t know how to swim were supposed to have fun going for a dip in a pond but it took a tragic turn when they ended up drowning. What’s horrifying is that they had left the camera on and their deaths were all recorded on film.

Chetan Khatik,28, Radheyshyam Khatik, 27, and Sudarshan Chandel, 22, decided to stop by the local pond after their bike ride in Rajsamand, western India. Despite being non-swimmers, they decided to go to the pond and set up the camera for a selfie.

They posed for a photo but ended up filming their deaths.

In the first part of the video, the three men, all related to each other, were seen splashing around having fun in the shallow part of the pond. Later on, one of them ended up in the deep portion of the pond and the two others went after him to save him.

What happens next in the three-minute video is that all three men can be seen struggling in the water, climbing on to each other to stay on the surface. None of them succeeded in reaching the edge of the pond.

Slowly, one by one, they start to disappear.

Family members reported them missing, which then prompted the search.

When the men did not return, their family began to worry so they contacted the police. A search for the three men was launched and it was then found that they had drowned. The bodies were recovered on May 20. Police then found the mobile phone by the side of the pond and that’s when they knew what happened.

Ramesh Chandel, who’s a friend of the victims, said that Chetan was the one who had gone towards the deep portion of the pond. Radhey and Sudarshan then went to his rescue but ended up drowning as well.

WARNING: The video can be distressing for some viewers.

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New School Shooting Video Game Gets Slammed Online By Victims’ Parents

Is this game “glamorizing” mass killings?

With all the tragic news about school shootings, it comes as a shock that a video game company has come out with an active shooter game that seems to glorify the crime. Understandably, the said game has been met with outrage by many, especially the parents of shooting victims themselves.

The simulation game entitled ‘Active Shooter’ has been created by Revived Games and it includes “harrowing ‘objectives’ and a count for civilians and police killed,” according to a Unilad report.

Apparently, Active Shooter allows players to be the good guy or the bad guy.

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TV Evangelist Asks Followers For Donations So He Can Buy New $54 MILLION Private Jet

Despite already owning 3 jets, he says God “told” him to buy the new luxury plane.

Popular TV evangelist Jesse Duplantis recently released a 5-minute video, pleading his followers for donation. The purpose? He wants to buy a $54 million private jet because, according to him, God commanded him to do so.

In the said clip, the Louisiana-based preacher pointed out that God said he needed to spread the gospel with greater ease and so he “needs” the new Dassault Falcon 7X – which is considered as “'benchmark of the 21st Century business jet”. That way, he wouldn’t have to stop and refuel during missions.

Jesse Duplantis, founder of Jesse Duplantis Ministries, already owns three planes. Now he’s saying he needs another one!

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Two Teens Die Of Heart Attack, Energy Drinks Suspected As The Culprit

Love energy drinks? Well, this will make you think twice.

While energy drinks deliver an almost instantaneous stimulation of the senses, those who are fond of such beverages must think twice before having them. Recently, two teens are suspected to have died of heart attack as caused by such drinks.

Two 16-year-old kids, who never knew each other, are believed to have died of heart attack after having their respective energy drinks. Doctors suspect that the two had too much caffeine in their systems.

Medical experts claim that it is safe to consume around five cups of coffee in a day. However, one serving of energy drink contains caffeine that is equivalent to the amount found in four cups of coffee.

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