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51 Stunning Photos From This Year’s Nikon Small World Photomicrography Contest

Enjoy the beauty of the world from a smaller yet compelling perspective.

They say “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” But in the world of photography, this doesn’t necessarily apply. Why? Well, simply because it’s all about the details. It’s what makes this art bloom to the nth level.

This is exactly what Nikon’s 2017 Small World Photomicrography competition wants to achieve. And yes, details are the main focus here. It’s about appreciating beauty from the smallest of perspectives. The competition basically involves all sorts of professionals from around the world – scientists, doctors, and macro photography enthusiasts.

As for this year’s competition, Nikon managed to include 2,000 participants from 88 countries. Photomicrography is simply the practice of taking a photograph using a microscope – or sometimes a similar magnifying tool. Its goal is to capture the intricate details of things that are invisible to the naked eye.

So, without further ado, here are the winners of the aforementioned Nikon competition.

#1. A jumping spider.

#2. The common body pain killer: Paracetamol.

#3. The head of a tapeworm found in pigs.

Source: Teresa Zgoda
#4. A living Volvox Algae.

#5. A mold on a tomato.

Source: Dean Lerman
#6. Plastic fracturing on a credit card.

Source: Steven Simon
#7. Immortalized human skin cells.

#8 Natural bridge (also known as Petiole Nodes) of an ant.

Source: Can Tunçer
#9. Traxacum Officinale or Dandelion.

#10.3rd trimester fetus Of megachiroptera.

#11. The skin of a sea-cucumber.

#12. Asiladae’s (rubber fly) eye section.

#13. Senecio Vulgaris seed head.

#14. A mineral called Pyromorphite.

#15. The eye of Opiliones or also known as Daddy Longlegs.

#16. A small moth.

#17. Moth eggs captured in a spider’s silk.

#18. Lily pollen.

#19. The abdominal proleg of a caterpillar.

Source: Dean Lerman
#20. Individually-labeled axons in an embryonic chick ciliary ganglion

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