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Nigerian Couple Breaks Tradition By Indicating ‘No Reception’ On Their Wedding Invitation

Despite not having a reception, they received a wonderful surprise.

  • Adewale and Blessing agreed on not having a wedding reception
  • The Nigerian couple has gone viral for their clever and practical idea.
  • However, they ended up with a heartwarming surprise later on their wedding day.

Wedding guests mostly look forward to the wedding reception. There’s great food and of course, there are gorgeous and colorful setup and decors, the wedding program, and a get together of friends and family. But for Nigerian couple Adewale Yussuf and Blessing Ijeoma, a wedding reception wasn’t even necessary.

Yussuf and Ijeoma recently went viral for their decision to exclude a wedding reception, clearly indicating it on their wedding invite. The couple’s decision was applauded by many not only because the couple was able to save money but also because it was an excellent idea.

This Nigerian couple breaks wedding tradition by having no reception.

Some would go out of their way just to spend a lot on their wedding. Others would even be in debt just to have their dream celebration. Yussuf and Ijeoma, on the other hand, had a mutual agreement that having a post-wedding party wasn’t necessary.

“My wife and I had decided to not have a reception party after our wedding. Just church service, nothing big,” Adewale shared on social media, along with a photo of their wedding invite. 

While there were mixed reactions on whether the couple had a practical approach or not, it can’t be denied that these two taught all of us an important lesson – that what matters most in a wedding is the two people, exchanging their vows to love and respect each other for the rest of their lives.

What the couple didn’t know, however, was that they’d receive a surprise later that day.
Co-workers decided to throw them a party after the wedding.

Even though the newly-weds went without any reception, it didn’t exactly end up that way because coworkers and friends from the office decided to throw them a party after having their photos taken.

The groom shared how he was truly surprised by the heartwarming gesture that it took time for him to fully recover.

Adewale also wrote that he and his wife really intended not to have a reception and only go for a simple wedding. People have insulted them; others also defended their unusual arrangement. Either way, the couple made it clear that they were happy with their decision.

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